16 wk appt

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16 wk appt

I just had my 16 wk appt yesterday. HB was 160. Everything was good. Next appt scheduled for 5/31...the big u/s!! Biggrin

My Dr. and I still have not agreed on a dd so my appts are scheduled based on her dd but I 100% know she's wrong. I am sure I've shared this story here before but anyway....we only dtd twice in Jan (sad but true) and once during during the time I could have gotten pg so there's no possible way her dd is accurate. She's going based on my first u/s which baby was measuring 6 wks 4 days so she just went with that even though my last u/s baby was measuring right on with what I know my dd has to be. I'm hoping with my 20 wk u/s if baby is still measuring ahead of what she thinks I am she'll move it. I see a different dr. on the 31st so I'm going to discuss with her. Since I'm a repeat c/s my fear is I'll go into labor.

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It's frustrating when the docs won't listen. We know our bodies and you'd think they'd listen esp after the 2nd u/s confirmed your dates. Hopefully,it will change at your big u/s!