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2 pounds

I went to the doctor yesterday bc of my cold and I gained 2 pounds since my visit to my gyno (same week I O'd),

I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Is a 2 lbs weight gain by 5.5 weeks ok? I think it's a little high, but at the same time, I'm glad it was only 2 lbs.

Time to start walking at lunch again. I've been lazy bc I haven't been feeling well :O(

On a side note, Doc was hesitant to give me anything for my sinus pain. He said to wait it out over the weekend and if it doesn't get better, he'll prescribe an antibiotic. I have Erin's b'day party on Sunday so I really hope I wake up tomorrow and feel like a new woman!!

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2lbs isnt bad! Maybe because you were LOSING weight that that weight can easily come back, plus swelling/bloat?
Im up 3lbs (probably more, i havent weighed today) in a week. eeek. Hoping I can "maintain" better this time though.

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Umm.. make that up 5lbs.. I officially suck. Smile

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I wouldn't worry about 2 lbs. I think it is out of your control to a certain extent. My body is expanding rapidly, even though I'm eating far less than usual, and exercising the same amount. It's really annoying, but I know I can't exactly help it. I hope you feel better soon Smile

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I'll take your two pounds! I've probably gained like 10 already (not really but I know i've gained more than a lbs) I feel like i'm hungry ALL. THE. TIME and i'm haven't been as good about eating healthier as I was with Hailey. I really need to work on this more otherwise i'm gunna gain like 50 lbs this pregnancy .

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I wouldnt worry. Your body can fluctuate from day to day anyway with water retention, etc.