20 Week Appt

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20 Week Appt

Fairly Ho-Hum appointment today. DH had to work so my mom came with me to watch Erin. I had been promising Erin for a week that she could see the baby on the TV at the Doctor's so I HAD to bring her. My mom was more than happy to be able to some and see the little man. Wink

The baby is still a boy Biggrin He measured @14 ounces and 9 inches long. He moved around and kicked quite a bit (which I can totally feel now).

Doctor said everything looked good and I go back to see him at 28 weeks to check the baby's growth due to my thyroid.

I have my regular check up with my OB on Friday and I'm thinking I'm going to be put off of work. She wanted to do it last month but I told her to wait since I was starting a two week vacation anyway. My commute from hell and the fact that I think I've started getting braxton hicks-and they pretty much only occur after i work all day-should be enough for her.

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What did Erin think of your appointment? Charlotte is the same age and she's very interested in my baby belly and loves to listen with the doppler. What a cute age!

I'm glad it went well.

I have my 20 week appointment on Friday and my big ultrasound is this Wednesday. I wonder if I'll be getting a boy too?

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She'e interested at first, but the novelty wears off. My mom had to take her out of the room after a little while. But, in fairness, the tech took a long time getting the measuements.

OOOHHHHH! Good Luck on Wednesday :O)

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Yay for a good appt!!

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Glad your little guy looked good!

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Great news! Glad you had a good appointment!

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Yay for a healthy boy in there.... STILL! Wink We took Seth to the first u/s too and he could have cared less. Lol. Some days he says, 'no baby. Yuck.' Hehe. How does Erin like the thought of a brother?

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She talks about her baby sister a lot, Marie. I keep trying to tell her no, baby brother, but it's not sticking in her head. She LOVES babies so I think she is kind of excited about it. As much a a two year old could be I guess.