28 Wk appt

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28 Wk appt

Went pretty good. I did the GD test which I passed I had to be below 130 and came in at 103. My weight is right on track, my blood pressure, iron, cholesterol etc all look good. But she said baby is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead so she wants to do another u/s at 36 weeks just to check her and see how big she is.
We scheduled the c/s for 10/15/12 unless of course something comes up between now and then.

I feel all bad now because she said baby is measuring ahead and I feel like maybe I need to eat better or do something. But then again they said my co-workers baby was measuring big and ready and they induced her a week early and he came out at 5 lbs something.

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Glad you had a good appointment. With my DS I measured 3 wks ahead the entire time. The baby wasn't measuring big - it was my uterus that was big due to a lot of fluid. At my appt last week I was measuring 4 weeks ahead. The Dr. I saw said this is the appt where you generally see the biggest jump in growth - weight wise and growth wise....she told me it's not a concern and that by my next couple appointments I might be right back on track again. So....I wouldn't worry too much. Smile

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Weight ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate. I'm sure everything is fine and she's right where she should be.

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I agree with the above poster Smile Just don't worry and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. You will be meeting your beautiful, perfect child before you know it!