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Hello Ladies!! Well, I am 28weeks6days like the title says above, lol. I went to maternal fetal medicine this past tuesday. Roo weighs 2lbs5oz and is growing just as she should! My cervix has not changed(thankfully), but I am still contracting on a regular basis, no less than one every ten minutes. I have been taken off the around the clock procardia, and I recieve it as needed now. I haven't needed a dose in 5 days! Yay!

When I go to maternal fetal medicine, not tomorrow, but the following tuesday; if nothing changes they will discharge me to go home!! I am very excited at that prospect, I want to see all the progress made to our home since I have been away!

I was amazed when the attending came in, and sat down on my bed. She said she needed to personally congratulate me for making it to 28 weeks, she did not think that was going to be the outcome at all.

Anyway, enough about me!

How are your pregnancies going? Is baby making you very uncomfortable yet? What position do you sleep in? Has your nexting instinct kicked in? Have you taken maternity photos yet?

Hope to hear from you all so we can get a conversations going about the ups and downs of pregnamcy. Smile