2nd Appt tomorrow (m/c mention)

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2nd Appt tomorrow (m/c mention)

Hey Ladies,

I have my second appointment tomorrow at 9. This is the appointment during my last preg where the ultrasound showed no development and that m/c was impending (still took another week or more for it to start, and I had a D&C the next day after it did start). So I'm kinda anxious. Thoughts/prayers appreciated! Even though this is a total unplanned preg and I'm still pretty freaked out about how I'm going to do this on my own since the 'father' seems to thinking ignoring this will work for him, I know I'll be pretty upset if I get a repeat of the last time...

So... thanks!

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We'll be thinking of you and sending out T&P's.

Good Luck!

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:bighug: Sending out tons of thoughts and prayers to you!!

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I hope it goes well! T&P coming your way!!

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Good luck! I'll be thinking of you. :bigarmhug:

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Good luck, I'm sure everything is fine.

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Thinking of you!

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I'm sure everything will be fine, I will say a prayer for you!!!!! Update us as soon as you can

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Good luck!! Can't wait for your update!

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Thinking of you. Hope everything went okay.