2nd Appt Update

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2nd Appt Update

So I guess I'm havin a baby. Heart beat 185, everything right on track - my due date is my bday - 10/19.


I'll see the OB again in four weeks, in the meantime I can schedule the NT test for around the same time.

Thanks for all your support!!!

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Yay that's awesome news!! Great pic of the little bean as well!!

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Yay!! Glad you don't have to worry anymore :):)

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YAY!! What awesome news!

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Congratulations! I bet you feel so much better now. Biggrin

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Awesome news, all sounds great!!!!! What a great birthday present to yourself !!!

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Definetly a baby in there! So happy for you! Smile

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Thanks! Now I can resume my freak outs about insane things such as: How will I get a kindergartner home from school while I'm at work... What happens when the kid is like 9 years old and wants to have the bigger bedroom, which is currently painted orange and serves as my craft/office and I looovvveee. What if the teen wants to borrow the car?

I'm hopeless! LOL.

My biggest immediate concern is health insurance. On my current plan, I pay 150/month. Adding baby will raise the cost to 500/month. Insane!!!