2nd MW appt/ told kids ...

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2nd MW appt/ told kids ...

I had my 2nd MW appt on Thursday. It went well my bp was good which means so far my reg dose of bp meds is working still. I gained back abt 3 of the 12 lbs I lost which didn't please me it's early to be gaining weight! Oh well lol I've got a good excuse. They did my b/w for the triple screen as well. Heard the hb on their Doppler I was prepared to have to show them where I had been finding it at home but it was there right away, a nice strong 166 bpm. She can feel my uterus starting to come out of my pelvis but it's not too big yet. I tend to either be big or small for measurements never right on target. Talked about how I'm am still spotting off and on it happens about 2-3 times a day I will have mucusy cm tinged with brown. She isn't concerned at all though and reminded me that many woman never know why they ate spotting and some spot all pg wish I really hope it doesn't! She said baby looked great last week on u/s and the heart tones are strong.

The kids were all super excited but had no idea when we called them together what we wanted, hmm guilty consciences anyone? We were afraid our 13 yo might be embarrassed bc she would have to think her 'rents "did it" lol. She was just super happy and can't wait until we find our the gender. Bella our 9 yo just stood there smiling a huge grin and Cole our 7 yo was so excited he followed me around suggested sports players names. Alec is 5 and he jumped around the room yelling ysyaya and that got Luke going too. Luke really won't get it until my belly is bigger I don't think. So proud of my kiddos they are do sweet!

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Awww, was sweet kids you have! I'm glad they were all so excited! Smile And glad the baby looks good, too!

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Happy to hear that it was all well with the m/w
And how fun for the kids to be so excited.

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Sounds like a great appointment! I was kind of nervous telling the kids, wasn't sure the older girls would be happy. They are emotional teens, you know... Your kids do sound super sweet!

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Aww! Sounds like a great appt and so wonderful how excited the kiddos are!!