32 wk appt

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32 wk appt

I had my 32 wk appt this morning. Since I have GD I will now go every week until 36 weeks then go twice a week for an NST. Today was my first NST. They also did an u/s since I am measuring 4 wks ahead. All was well!

Baby was measuring right on track, - 47th percentile for her gestational age. They estimated her weight around 4 pounds. Heart rate was nice and steady, gd is staying under control so all in all a great appointment!

The rest of this pregnancy is going to fly going every week then twice a week. I'm ready!

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I'm glad it went well for you and it sounds like you're doing a good job keeping the GD under control. I think time will really fly when we have weekly appointments!

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That's good your GD is steady....I'm going every week now too... I sure hope it makes the time fly. Yay for 32 weeks & 4lbs is a great weight. Smile