Annoying little bit of spotting **update**

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Annoying little bit of spotting **update**

I had some mucusy discharge that was mostly clear egg whitey stuff (tmi) but tinged with just a little bit of old brown blood again tonight. I had some yesterday too when I found the baby's hb, it just happens like one to two times after going pee. It happened a couple of weeks ago too. I normally have thicker cm when I get pg at first and I think it is pretty common. I know spotting can be too and it is really not hardly anything so I am not too concerned about it. However I wish it would just go the heck away! I so dont need anything else to worry about. I am toying with the idea of calling my MW on Monday seeing if she would give me another u/s but I am unsure she would they are very shy with u/s there and do them sparingly. I know the baby is fine I just got done listening to her/his hb on the doppler it was around 150-160bpm. I am so happy I have that thing!

they are going to let me come in for a scan tomorrow at 9am! The nurse was like well it's too early for the Doppler or I would just have you come in for that. Lol no its not! I feel slightly deceitful hearing the hb everyday like I do at home on mine but not bad enough to say I don't want the scan! I'm excited to see the bean again and I am still a bit freaked over the spotting so I will be reassured when I see things look good in there, at least I hope that's what I see!

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I'm sorry. I know you know the baby is fine, but it's hard not to be alarmed. Your cervix is so sensitive during pregnancy, and just the littlest thing can cause spotting. Please try not to worry.

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I've spotted (quite a bit) with all of my pregnancies and so far it hasn't been a problem. I agree though, it doesn't matter, it just makes you worry. Hope yours goes away!

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I'm sorry it's causing you to worry but glad you have the doppler to ease your mind.

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I've been having the same thing after using the doppler, and I'm wondering if maybe it could be the cause of the spotting???
Sounds weird, but it seems like there might be a correlation in my case. My LO's hb even seems to decline while I'm using it. Maybe part of it is that I sometimes have to poke around with the doppler for a while to find the hb, and then when I find it I want to listen for a while, so the length of use time is too much. And sometimes I push down on my abdomen a bit as I'm looking for it.

I used a home doppler with DS and didn't experience the same thing, but I also didn't use it as early with him (was around 13 weeks). I don't think the one I used then was as strong either.

Either way, I'm going to try to take a break with the doppler, and see if that helps.

I try to remember that brown spotting isn't a concern, being old blood . . . but I sympathize with you and know it can be scary. I'm so happy they were kind enough to get you in for a scan! Sounds like a really caring group of folks supporting you!

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I'm glad they are getting you in :). FWIW, I've had spotting with my girls right around the time AF would have been due

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Andrea my spotting started before I used the Doppler for the first time. I am pretty sure it's not related in my case but you never know. I guess if you somehow push hard enough on your uterus you could irritate your cervix? My spotting (tmi) seems worse after I have a bm so I am thinking it is from my cervix being irritated somehow. The baby's hb varies when I listen to it up and down, that's totally normal. I hope spot goes away from all of us for good!