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Another size question

I get so confused...
Newborn is obvious what size that is..
The ones that say
3 months... is that 0-3 ?? or 3-6?
I know it varies on size of baby and a lot fit in different sizes regardless of age but...

Trying to organize and I keep getting hung up ont he 3 month.. Im thinking thats like 1ish month-3 month?? or like 9lbsish-12??

I wish all clothing was made the same size!!

I especially hate how some brands run small- some say 3-6 some just say 3 or 6, some say weight, sigh!! Not good on my already scrambled brain! haha

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I hate that, please say either 0-3 months or 3-6 months, just 3 months is so not helpful lol. Weight ones are much more helpful in my opinion but they're a little harder to find. After clothing 2 little boys I now know which brands we buy run big, small, true to size, which have shorter or longer legs in pants, etc. Unfortunately its mostly just trial and error.

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I've always had the same issue with baby clothes, especially when I am trying to sort them for storage! I think what I decided to do was categorize by the smallest size on the tag. That way, even if I pull out a 3-6 month that is too big for baby at 3 months, it will be in the closet when he\she grows into it. My babies tend to be dinky, so that might not work as well for someone who has big babies.

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Yep, 3 months is supposed to be 0-3 months. However, my kids never follow along with that. They wear 0-3 months for two months, 3-6 months for two months, then stay in 6-9 months for 6 months. From there they stay with the ages on the clothes pretty well.

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What I have learned is that it goes
0-3, 3mo
0-6, 3-6, 6mo.
6-9, 9mo, 6-12mo
Each of my kids have come home in preemies. DS1 was in them for about the first 2 weeks or so. Then moved up to newborn and was in them till 3 months. Then was in 0-3/3mo till he was 7 months, then in 3-6/6mo. till about 15 months, in 6-9/9mo for about a month or 2, then went into 12 month. He eventually did catch up. He is now in a size 6 boys... for length, but can still get into his brother's 3t clothes lol.
DS2 was in preemie for about 6 weeks, then in newborn till around 3 or 4 months, then 0-3/3mo till about 5 or 6months, 6-9/9mo till he was 15ish months, then 12months. He is a little bit more solid than his older brother, though is now thinning out, and with being potty trained his pants are a bit more loose. Its funny because DS1 grows from his feet up (his feet are HUGE... we share socks lol), where DS2 is built like his daddy, and grows from the head down. Hes been in 3t shirts for a while, but just got into 3t bottoms Smile
DD is a whole different case. She was in preemies till she was 3 months old. Then new born till about 5 months, 0-3/3mo till about 12 months old, then in 3-6 till about 16 or 17 months old, then 6-9 till about 20 months old, and is now in 12 month clothing... and she will be 2yrs old in July.

My kids are small for a long time... DD has OI, like me, so I doubt she will be much taller than me when shes done growing, where DS1 is probably going to be taller than my husband. I guess what I am trying to say is that each kid is different. Just because one kid grows one way, doesnt mean your next one will. Also, sizeings are so confusing. Each company/brand is different, and I have found that Girls clothes very way more than boys. What I LOVE about girl's clothes is that they are way more versatile. If you have a short sleeved dress you want her to wear, but its starting to get cold, just throw a pair of leggings or tights, and a long sleeved onesie under it... or a little sweater over it. Same with skirts and even short sleeved shirts. Some dresses, as they out grow them, work well as shirts... or with a cute pair of jeggings/leggings under them.... and so on Smile