Any appointments this week?

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Any appointments this week?

I've got one on Wednesday with an u/s. Who else is waiting with me for an appointment?

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I've got one tomorrow with an u/s I can't wait!!!

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Yay for appointments! I love to hear how everyone's doing. Mine isn't till the 12th so i've started alittle mental count down. 8 days and counting lol Smile

Oh and I LOVE LOVE seeing U/S pics!

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I have my first drs spot Tuesday haven't been set up for a ultrasound as of yet!

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Yay! I can't wait to hear how everyone's appointments go!

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My intake is Friday- then my U/s isnt until NEXT tuesday..ugh..tick tock!!!

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I cant wait to see u/s pics girls! I wish everyone the best luck with their appts!

I had my first back on Feb 23 so I dont get to go again until March 22nd. I wont have another u/s until 18 wks it is already scheduled for May 29th.

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I go on Thursday for an ultrasound to make sure everything is still going smoothly. I can't WAIT!


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I go to the m/w for my first appt on Thursday. No u/s. I'm really nervous because my last 3 "first" visits did not go well.

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I have a "class" and lab work and paper work this friday. And I see my OB for first time on the 14th. I was wondering what the class was and they said it was for early pregnancy and what to expect. I have 2 kids already, I think I kind of remember! LOL1 Oh well, I'm down Smile Not sure when an U/S will happen for me.

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I have an u/s every Tuesday and Friday, so my next one is tomorrow. After that one I'm dropping to once a week, because the twice a week thing is getting ridiculous! I can't even count how many u/s I've had already, there have been so many.

It was nice in the beginning when we weren't sure if it was an ectopic or whatnot, but that has been excluded and now they just stress me out more than anything. My docs aren't the "everything looks great" type of doctors. They're the "we'll find something to be really concerned about" type, and I always leave the office panic stricken, which isn't healthy for anyone. I figure now that I have a doppler at home I can just check the hb myself and save all the stress.

I'll still have to go in every Friday for a progesterone shot, but at least an u/s once a week will show more progress than having one every few days. Having one every few days, depending on who is operating the u/s sometimes there's little or no change and I'm so ready to not be a stress-case over that anymore!