Is anybody out there?

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Is anybody out there?

This board is so dead already.... it's sad.

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I'm around...just been posting more on the twins board. I now have weekly Obgyn appts...which is good and bad all at the same time...I'm so large that I have trouble even walking but at least the babies get checked every week now.

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I'm here too! I agree this board is D.E.A.D! I wish more people would post here.

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All of my other boards had gift swaps and birth buddies by this stage Sad I realized today I don't even remember what our board name is? October Owls? Harvest Hunnies?? I really don't know! Usually towards the end of pregnancy the boards get busier cause all everyone wants to do it SIT! lol

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I agree with all of you - - it is sad. I tend to go back to my other BB and ask questions, give them updates, etc. because there's never anyone on this board.

I'm now starting my every two week appointments. Everthing looks good so far and I'm much better off medically this time around than I was with my first. My BP is still low, I'm not swelling and I really haven't had anything out of the norm happen this time. Yay! I am however huge and uncomfortable now and not sleeping very much. Last night I got up at least 5 times if not 6 to pee. Like each time I woke up I was in pain I had to go so bad. Ugh! I'm now sleeping in the recliner ever night because it takes the pressure off of the right spots and allows me to sleep on my back. My hips hurt so bad when I try to lay in bed on my sides. 8 more weeks! I just keep telling myself that and hopefully she will be here before I know it.

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I'm here but everyone else seems to prefer the FB group so this place is pretty dead. FB has killed all my boards lol. I do keep my space updated though so all my info and pics are there.

34 weeks here. Last bi-weekly appt next week and then I'm onto weekly ones! Crazy!

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What Amber said - the FB group is very lively so that's why it's so dead here. I still stop by now and then because I like to visit the DYSAL and Birthing Naturally boards. I love lurking on August and September also and seeing the excitement of those last few weeks. Smile

I agree that it's crazy how quickly we're getting to the end. I'm on bi-weekly appointments still, but those weekly appointments are coming. I'd better get on my DH to get that nursery ready (not that baby boy will be sleeping in there for quite a while, but I feel more ready once the room is ready IYKWIM).

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See...I didn't even know this board had a facebook group.

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Sorry! It is dead, Im bad about logging on here since I talk to most of you on FB.
Were not allowed to advertist FB groups Rachel- so thats why we dont talk about it.