Anyone else done after this?

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Anyone else done after this?

We are D-O-N-E done! Definitely sure that this is our last baby. DH will be scheduling an appointment with a urologist to get the big V done. Anyone else on their last baby(ies)?

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Yup! We're done after this one as well. DH will also be getting snipped after the baby is here and we know everything is ok. Probably December sometime.

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Yes if all goes well we are 100% DONE!!!!!! I talked about getting my tubes tied but more than likely dh will get snipped which he is ok with !!!

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We're done also. My DH wants to go get snipped, but I want to wait until after baby gets here safe and sound!

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These "DONE" posts make me sad!
I really never want to be done.
Kevin is D O N E after this he says. which makes me really sad.
I've always wanted a huge family, at LEAST 3 kids!
So, he mentioned right after we found out I'm preg kind of a warning "dont be upset when I get snipped!" and I said Im hormonal and REALLY dont want to talk about that right now, lets just focus on this baby!
he says he hopes its a girl for my sake- then I'll have "my girl" and he wont feel as bad. haha..

I really hope to somehow sneak another one in. I really want a boy and then a girl.. so Im hoping if we have a boy maybe he'll hold off...just long enough to change his mind!! hehehe

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DONE DONE DONE!!! I've always wanted 4 kids but after DS was and still is high needs I decided 1more LO would complete our family. But I guess I was ment to have 4. As soon as the babies come DH is getting snipped.

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D.O.N.E. If I have a repeat c/s, I'll get my tubes tied. Otherwise not sure how we'll handle it. I don't think DH has even thought about getting snipped.

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Totally done! Goodness I'm turning 44 soon and I'm tired, LOL.

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Done here, but probably no surgeries. I'm 41. I think I can do NFP till menopause. It's hard to get pg right now the way it is. But we'll see how DH feels about it.

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Oh, and DH and I decided we were done after DS 1. We actually met with the urologist and everything. I guess I'm glad we waited.

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We were actually done before this little surprise, lol! God had other plans for us. After all my m/c's, plus not being able to get a bigger vehicle and private school, 3 is more than enough, lol! DH wanted 4, but we had originally compromised with 3 (before my 2 m/c's in a row).

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Yes after #7 we are done! We were thinking we were done after 6 too but then I said well maybe someday I'd want another but dh said he was really done and I said okay. He wanted me to get my tubes tied but I refused bc I have given birth 6 times and I've done my part! He is super scared to get a V though so he decided to put it off and I went on the mini pill. Then surprise we are pg again and we are both happy so I'm glad he didn't do it! I have told him it is on him again and he will go thru with it I think now after #7!

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I am so NOT done Smile I am only 23. My DH is 30 and had mentioned getting a V after this baby was born, and I told him HE** no!! lol. Can't cut me off so young. I mean I want to wait a few years before the next but I still have 15 more baby making years in me LOL

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We are done after this. Once the baby is here and everything is fine DH is getting snipped. We decided a long time ago that 3 was it for us, I had always wanted 4 but I'm content now with the thought of 3, and also kind of looking forward to being done with the babymaking stage, although it definitely is a little bittersweet.

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I think I'm done. I'm really hoping that it is a boy, then I'll feel like I have a balanced family and I was hoping for a brother for my son. So we will see, lol.

I like the idea of moving away from the baby stage because the kids are getting so fun now, but on the other hand I'm afraid that i'll feel left out when our friends have kids. We only have 1 couple friend with kids.
Right now I'm 26 and I'm toying with the idea of getting my tubes tied after this baby. Its a scary thought and exciting at the same time. I'm sure we will wait till the baby is at least 1 before we make that decision.

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We are done too. We thought we were done with 2 kids. Plus we are in our 30's so I am scared to take any risks that I can avoid if possible. DH is also scared to death of gettign snipped and I tested him and said the same thing Tiffany said. " I have had these kids, my body has gotten tore up fro everything, you can do a little something for me!" He actually agreed and said he would, but this would be a repeat C sec forme and I am thinking, well, if they are gonna alredy be in there, might as well". i still have to read up on it before I make any final decision.

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Im pretty sure we are done. I had always wanted four kids and I met DH and he wanted 2. After Hailey I decided I would ok with 2 kids and we said we would be done after I got pregnant again. Well I got pregnant and one of the first things DH said to me was "if its a girl we will have to decide if we are done" I was surprised. I'm pretty sure boy or girl we will be done though. I've kind of talked about getting permanent solutions to being done but DH just said lets see what this baby is first.
Personally I feel i'm done I'm happy with two kiddos and don't want to do the c-sec thing again. I'm scared for this time let alone doing it 3x. I'll be 26 when baby gets here and i'll probably do a little research about getting my tubes tied. DH is 30 but I don't think he'd get the V done. I'll have to do a lot of soul searching and thinking about tubes tied before baby gets here.

Long story short we always said done at 2, I'm ok done at 2 DH is on the fence now lol guess we will see in June at the gender scan Smile He really really wants a boy Smile

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This will be it for us as well. It took a lot of convincing for DH to agree to #6! After all our losses though I agree that this is it. It's just so stressful and emotionally draining. Besides, I don't think we could squeeze any more kiddos in the house!

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RBelinda I had to convince my dh to have a #6 too lol. It took many, many months. It was more a question of space with him than anything we had to build a new bedroom in the basement for the older girls and buy a new van to accommodate a sixth baby. Now 7 was surprise but we have plenty of van space and the 3 middle boys will just share a room. But our house will really be bursting at the seams after the new baby so no more after this!

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We are definitely done after this. Right now, I'm not particularly sad about the idea of being done, but I'm sure that'll change once I get to the more enjoyable stage of pregnancy. DH and I have pretty much decided that he'll have a vasectomy.

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Oh we are definitely without a doubt done. I was not even supposed to be able to get pregnant with this one! But ultimately God is in control Smile I have to have my ovaries completely removed due to the gene that I have so there will be NO more surprise babies Smile

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We are done after this too! I'll have 3 biological kids and 2 step-daughters. Def enough for us Smile Im sure I will just get the Mirena again until I go through menopause, because DH does not want the big V!

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I hope hope hope Kevin will be too scared to get the big V.. . I should look up big V horror stories!!!! :):)

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Yes, we are done after this baby. I used to want 4, but hubby has been set on 3 for a long time, and after having 2 boys...I agreed with him! Smile

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I was suppose to be done with the last one!!!! And DH is getting snipped