Anyone ever Dyed clothes??!

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Anyone ever Dyed clothes??!

Im so proud of myself!!!

I should post pictures.

I am not very crafty, or thrifty, or anything.. Im just a shopaholic who buys things new and then wastes $$ even though I look at craft projects and even clip coupons but forget them at home... I suck!! bad!!

Anyhoo, Im TRYING my best to be frugal frugal and thrifty and not overspend/over buy too many baby clothes like I did with DS..

Soo, my sister gave me quite a bit of baby clothes- and some bibs and stuff, so some of it turned stained over time (if anyone has ever pulled out baby clothes and noticed they got yellow spit up spots on them overtime you know what i mean! ugh!) so I oxycleaned them, then the ones that the stains didnt come out I used color remover, and then dyed them!!

I didnt really have high hopes- but man- they turned out so good!! Looks like brand new clothes!!

I even dyed some of brodys blue stuff/yellow stuff/white stuff..

Kevin was annoyed thinking it was too time consuming and that i could have "bought it quicker/cheaper" but no, I got a LOT of stuff that I wouldnt of used otherwise.

My favorites are the pants that were pastel pink, and stained really bad, color remover made them white, then i dyed them pink, and the polkadots dyed lighter, so they're bright pink with polkadots and the threaded flowers stayed the original colors!

Also dyed blue/white/green towels and washrags dark purple

Tons of bibs that were stained I dyed pink/purple

Brodys Seahawks onesie that wasboyish, dyed pink, and the writing stays the same

Thats whats cool about dying is the writing/threaded parts stay the original color, so a white onesie with bright words on it, is now purple with bright words

Pretty impressed with myself! haha, now I feel like I just doubled my loot!!

I even threw in 3 of my own shirts- a pink and two whites- one dingey white that cldnt get white anymore and one of my fav shirts that had a stain that wouldnt go away- now they're pretty purple!!

Sorry for rambling! but so excited!

If anyone has a girl and is having aboy, could dye things blue, or other way around and dye pink/purple!

Or, even if you're having the same gender, all the stained or faded stuff you could throw in and refresh! Dye is only like 2.66 a box and color remover is like 1.99!! Cheap!!!!!!!!

Sorry for rambling!!

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What a great idea!