Anyone still POAS?

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Anyone still POAS?

Hopefully I'm not the only one who still is POAS?!

Sometimes I feel "not so pregnant" so I POAS for reassurance, even though I'm sure it doesnt really mean that much.

Today I POAS and was "happy" because the test line took almost all of the control lines color, so I was super pumped!! haha.. For some reason it makes me feel like things are doing well when I see that line keep getting darker.. I'm trying to savor some of the tests for later- only one FRER left and 3 ICs, I feel like I want to keep peein til I get that U/S!! Two weeks away.. eeek!!

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Now they won't get any darker so they aren't as fun. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel better until that ultrasound!

I ran out of tests last Wednesday so I haven't tested in a week. I did take 22 tests before I ran out though....crazy... I had bought 20 ICs for our months of TTC and then we got pregnant the first month and I started testing on 8dpo so I got through them pretty quickly. Lol

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Cait you are so cute !!!! I agree do what you gota do to help you feel reassured. I will admit the first week I took like 8 tests, everytime I saw the 2 line or the word pregnant I couldn't help but get a smile on my face. Than I bought some dollar store test. I sweat Pregnancy test can make me go broke lol !!!

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I ordered 25 ic tests before I knew I was pregnant, and I'm still using those when I don't "feel" pregnant. I know this will be our last for a few years, so I have to use them all at least that's what I tell myself hehe

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I have no morning sickness and it has made me want to run up to dollar store and take another test!

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Just be careful Cait. At some point your hCG can be too high for the tests to read properly. I took a test last week (~10 weeks preggo) and the line was not "blazing" like I imagined it would be. It looked more like a 17dpo test. It got me really concerned. But I did read online that there is something called the hook effect that makes the tests not work right and you have to dilute your urine to get a more accurate reading. I have not tried again with diluted urine because I don't want to see a light line again. So I am just going to wait it out until my appointment on Wednesday or just test with the digital.

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Haaa haa! Guilty!!! In fact I was *just* going to get up and POAS before I saw your post.

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I had the same experience Mandy mentioned. I POAS weeks after my initial BFP and the line was actually slightly lighter than it was at 4 weeks. Interesting that it can have that effect.

I stopped POAS entirely after I learned that, at this point, it could take several weeks for HCG levels to drop back to 0. So even if something happened I'd still be getting BFPs for a while. Totally ruined my fun/security blanket! :annoyed:

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I have one stick left and it calls my name everytime I go into the bathroom cause its right by the medicine cabinet.

I probably won't do it know after Mandy and Andrea's comment because I would probably end up in a panic attack if my line was lighter than last time! Smile

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I haven't tested in a couple weeks, mostly because of what Mandy said with the tests getting lighter as you get farther along. That and I ran out lol. But I was ok with no more testing cuz I had my u/s shortly after I ran out of ICs.

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OH MY!! Mandy and Andrea- I never had heard of that!!! SCARY!!!

My BFF found out at her U/S that the baby had stopped growing a week or two before- and then found out her blood test was like a -1.. So it always makes me think if she would of taken a HPT it would have been negative so maybe she would have been more prepared (Our doctors office is stupid, apparently if they had taken her blood @ 8 weeks and it was -1, why wouldnt that have called her/told the doctor before they get out the U/S machine?! STUPID!)

Ok maybe I'll stop testing now!!!!!! Especially now that the M/S has officially kicked in..

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Im out of tests too or I would probaby still be POAS. I didnt know about the hook effect though. It would totally freak me if I saw a lighter test!

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Guilty! I just POAS two days ago. My M/S had sort of lessoned and I'm such a freak about wondering if something is wrong. I have a ton of tests left, but after reading this, I think I'll stop. I would completely freak if it was lighter.