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Appt. Today

I had my 11 week appointment today. It was the first time I'd seen my OB this pregnancy. It was a good appointment. He didn't seem too concerned about the subchorionic hemorrhage. Of course there are no guaranties, but he felt that I shouldn't spend a lot of time worrying. Everything else was good. He found the HB right away with the Doppler. It was nice and loud. I'll go back in 4 weeks. Then it will be time to schedule the big ultrasound. Crazy how fast it's going!

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Glad to hear you had a good appt! Its good to hear he isnt worried about the SCH. My MW is unconcerned about the bleeding and spotting that I have had for a month now as well, though mine is unknown in origin. Thats great that he heard the hb right away too!

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I'm glad your appointment went well. It's crazy to think how close we're getting to our big ultrasounds, even those of us due at the end of the month....though time will start dragging probably.

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I feel like the last few weeks have gone by kind of fast... It seems like the first 3 weeks go sooo slow....
My appts got "off" a little because i went back after only 2 weeks last time- so now im waiting 4 weeks, so instead of a 12 week appt i'll have a Im hoping she'll give me the slip to schedule my big U/S..otherwise i'll have to wait until 18 weeks and THEN schedule it..I really want to find out BEFORE Memorial day weekend- helllooo sales!!

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Yay for a great appointment and hearing the hb!

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Sounds like a great appointment!!

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So glad you had a good appointment. Smile

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Glad you had a good appt! It is crazy how fast it's going, isn't it? I can't believe it.