Appt today and ultrasound pic

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Appt today and ultrasound pic

Well I had my ultrasound today and everything is still looking good. Baby measured about a week behind what i originally thought. The machine is pretty crappy so who knows how accurate it really is. So here is a picture, i go back for my NT in 4 weeks. I guess i better change my ticker Smile


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YAY cute!! Were you going off your LMP or your suspected OV date??? With DS I was 10 days behind what I thought- totally sucked having to rewind and go BACK a week- seems like the first weeks are soooo slow!! But all that matters is that its a cute little healthy bean in there so YAY!! :):) Whens your EDD?

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So cute! I love U/S pics! I had another U/S yesterday and the babies HB were faster but the babies measured 2 days behind the measurements the day before. I think their still so little at this point its so hard to get an accurate measurement.

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my LMP was on the 9th of january and I got a BFP on the 4th of february. So i thought i was due maybe the 13=15th of october..Now they are giving me a due date of october 20th. Bahh! And I always have my kids 4-3 weeks early. I was on the pill and took antibiotics so i truly have no idea when i ovulated. But when i got my BFP on the 4th i thought i was like 10 dpo based on the lightness of the line... Maybe i was only 8????


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Yay for a healthy bean! Sorry you have to go back a week now though, that sucks.

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What a cutie Hayley!!!! Glad you had a good appt! My LMP was Jan26 giving me a due date of Nov. 1. So we shall see what mine says whenever that will be.

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What a sweet u/s pic! I got pg on the mini pill so I had basically no idea how far I was either. My cycles were wacky on the mini pill anyway so I dont even know when my LMP was prolly early in January. I had spotting Jan 26&27 (I think) and tested positive with a pretty dark line on Feb 8th. When I went to the dr on Feb 23rd I thought I was probably around 6.5 weeks but on the u/s the baby measured 5w4d and had a nice strong hb. I was a bit worried that it should have been bigger but my MW said for one the u/s can be off as much as 4 days (plus the did it abdominally I didnt even know they could at 5.5 wks!) and two we have no real idea when I conceived but that I could have tested positive at 11 dpo which is what I think it would have been. It sucked to have to go backwards though early pg is long enough!

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Yay for a hb!!!

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So cute!