Back from the doctor

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Back from the doctor

Following up from my less than stellar MW appointment a while ago, I went and saw a new doctor yesterday. (Thank you for all your support and helping not feel like I was freaking out over nothing!) Much much better. The doctor, herself, even did the H&P (history and physical)-- something doctors rarely do, at least in my experience. Got to see the little one on an u/s-- it even was jumping around! I feel so confident at this point and can now just relax and try to get my mind around having 4 kids!

Is it funny, but looking at the picture I have almost 99% certainty that it is a girl? This pregnancy is very similar to when I was preg with my dd-- plus there's just that feeling! And, of course, the name we have picked out (Catherine) just doesn't seem right anymore. Anyone else feel the same-- confident on the sex and/or name changing?

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I'm glad you are a lot more relaxed with this dr and the appt went well. We haven't talked names yet but I understand what your saying. When we were looking for DD we'd say a name and sometimes it was like no no thats not her. lol.

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Glad you are feeling better and can relax. Both DH and I have a feeling it's a girl. I know there's a 50% chance it's a boy but we both for some reason really, really think girl. So for right now we're focusing more on finding a few girl names and thinking about how to decorate the nursery. I am still looking a litle at boy names and stuff just so we don't have to start at square one if we're completely wrong but at this point I'd be surprised if it's a boy. We were the same way with DS - we both just 'felt' boy. Not that our feelings mean a whole lot. We shall see. Smile

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So glad you were reassured today at your appt! Great that you saw baby moving and everything! As for gender dh and innate really feeling girl. We don't always agree either. We could totally be wrong though. Dh keeps referring to the bsby as baby girl and I keep telling him just in case you prolly shouldn't get to used tto doing that as he has 1/2 chance of being wrong!

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I'm so so glad that everything is ok! Biggrin

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Glad to hear your feeling reassured!! Hopefully I feel the same soon!!

I feel its a boy...but I guess thats just because I always thought I'd only have boys.. even though this pregnancy is completely different from my last (with a boy)
And I'm set on my boy name... I can't really see it changing at all..

Last night in bed, a girl name came to me and I really liked it, but now I cant even remember!! I figure I'll cross that bridge when it comes time hehehe

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Thank you so much for telling us! I'm so glad you had a great appointment. What a relief for you! Yay for seeing the little one jumping around!

I have no distinct feelings about the gender, but some other people (including DH) are thinking it's a girl. As much as I say I'd like to have a girl, though, I have one daughter, and she's a handful. Not sure I am ready for another... Obviously I would love and cherish the baby no matter what gender it is.