Best Valentines Day Ever!

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Best Valentines Day Ever!

Yesterday I woke up and decided to test and got this....

I don't even know why I tested yesterday morning. I thought we had NO chance this month. I got a positive O test on Feb. 1 and that night DH had a fever and was feeling terrible. The very next day I got sick and I'm just getting over it now. We DTD on Jan. 31 - - - the day before the positive O test. I guess that's when it happened!

After I saw it was positive I got in the shower to think for a minute before telling DH. I opened his V-day card and tapped the test inside. When he opened it he looked at it (for what seemed forever) and then looked up and said "what does this mean?" I think he was shocked too!

This was an IC test so on the way to work I stopped at Target and got a FRER and took it at work and STILL positive. LOL

I'm STILL in shock and can't believe it. I haven't really had any symptoms...nothing like with my first.

My name is Dawn and DH-Greg, we have a 3 year old son who is 3 born 10.22.08. This baby is due 10.24.12. We have struggled with infertility so I'm shocked and so excited to be here. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant with DS and 9 mos with this one. I've been an active member of for 5 years. I can't wait to get to know you ladies.

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I have an Oct 08 boy too! Smile Hello! I would say welcome, but I've yet to introduce myself here!

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Wow were almost twins! Thats the day I got my +OPK and I also DTD on the 31st, so I wasnt feeling very optimistic!
Its nice to see your line because thats exactly what my line looks like that I took yesterday/today..
I'm guessing that I'm due Oct 24th as well, and I have a Sept 08 boy - 4 year age gap will be interesting!!

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Yay for a great V-ay present! Congrats!

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Welcome, hh9m and HUGE congrats!!