Beta Results (xp)

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Beta Results (xp)

Had a beta done this am and at 14dpo it was 186!! The nurse said to come back in Thurs to have a repeat but then my doc called me later (from her cell!) to congratulate me and go over my results. She said if I wanted to come back in that would be fine but she said betas can do funny things that could cause me unneeded stress. She said if I wanted to I could just come in next week for an early u/s since we should be able to see a sac by then. Then I could come back the following week to look for a heartbeat. She said an u/s would really tell us more than betas would. She asked when my edd was and I told her Halloween. She said, "okay, then I'll keep Halloween open!". She is so awesome! So, I think I'm just going to do as she suggested and go in for the u/s. Maybe we'll see 2 sacs Wink

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Yaaayyyyy! Great numbers Belinda! Can't wait to hear the results from next week. I'll keep TWO sets of fingers crossed Biggrin

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Heheheh YAY!! Yeah, maybe two sacs!! I'm super jealous of your early U/S! I feel like I'm gonna be waitin forevvverr!!
What were your betas last time? or did you not go?
Im thinkin your number looks gooooood plus your HPT looks supppperr!!!

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Thanks ladies!
Cait- I had betas done with DS3 because I had had 2 m/c's before him. Honestly can't remember what they were. I only had one done with the pregnancy last month because my temp started to drop. It was only 13 at 12dpo.

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Yahoo Yay for great numbers!

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Wow thats a great number!! Cant wait to see what the u/s says!

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That is a great number!! And that is awesome that you get to have a couple of u/s right off the bat.

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Awesome news! I'm glad they're taking such good care of you. Those early ultrasounds should give you great reassurance.

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**Lurker** Congrats!!! HH9M!!! So excited for you!!!