Big U/S tomorrow **UPDATED**

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Big U/S tomorrow **UPDATED**

U/S is tomorrow and I am not tempted at all to find out the sex. In fact, I'm a little worried we'll see something by accident. I just REALLY want the delivery room surprise. It's funny because with DS5, I couldn't wait to find out. It was killing me! At this point I just want reassurance that the baby is okay and everything looks good.

Well, the u/s was kind of disappointing. Everything look good thankfully but it was the fastest u/s I've ever had (and I've had a lot!). No red flags but the baby was so active that the tech couldn't get a good shot of all 4 chambers of the heart. From what she could see it looked good but they're having me have a follow up u/s in 4 weeks to get a better pic. And speaking of pics, I didn't get many good ones Sad No profile ones at all. I did get one of a tiny foot and one with the baby's hand up under it's chin but that was about it. She turned the monitor off for half of it so we wouldn't see the sex. I was just hoping she'd show us more of it's little face. But as far as they can see, baby looks good so that's what's most important!

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Cant wait to hear how it goes Smile I know with my first I wouldnt have had a choice but to find out... as soon as the tech turned on the US machine there he was, showing off his goods lol. I am such a planner, I have to know. Like you, I really just want to know that the baby is healthy... the goods are just a benefit Wink

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Can't wait to hear about your u/s. I really wanted to be suprised with this baby. But once the suprise came they were twins I had to find out!

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I hope you don't see anything if you don't want to. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Make sure you make it clear to the tech you DO NOT want to know so she doesn't turn your screen on until she knows it's all clear. Smile

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Yay what time is your appt? Mine is at 2pm and someone elses is at 9am. Lots of baby vibes tomorrow. I think a surprise would be fun I just know I can't wait that long to find out. Good for you for waiting that takes a lot of will power lol

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Maybe it was meant to be that they have to give you another U/S and you'll change your mind or just catch a glimpse between the legs

At both my u/s - with DS and now with this one- I could see clearly between the legs when the tech was going over and knew RIGHT away with Brody that it was aboy, and this time... I didnt see anything, so I *thought* girl.

A lot of U/S today!!

Whats with the wiggly babies today? maybe they're all wiggly girls!