Boo hooo booo hooooo!

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Boo hooo booo hooooo!

Well, I think I'm detoxed from the anti depressants at this point. I haven't been as moody in the last week or so. But this morning, on the drive in to work, I saw a song and show title on the radio screen, and heard just the first note of the song, and it was like the floodgates were opened with sobs!!!! It was one little flicker of a memory of having seen the show (a broadway show) with my dad in 1985... (dad passed in 2007) and that was it. Not just a few tears... like total ugly sob fest!!!!


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That was me last week. I bawled watching A Baby Story. Lol Our hormones are all over the place!

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Ditto. Cried during baby story when it was born. Im sooo not a crier either.
Cried when my boss asked me if I was TTC (I was preg) so I told her preg and started to bawl a few weeks ago
Cried today when Doc asked me how I am.
Cried Friday when Kev gave me a ring ( I guess that could be normal haha )
Get tired, I cry....
I'm scared somebodys gonna make me the wrong smoothie or something and I'll start bawling.. hahah..

Oh last night I was laying on couch with M/S and wanted crackers and nobody could find any so my eyes filled with tears, and then I was mad bcuz they were right where I said they were.. GR!!. hehehe....

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I know your pain! I had to detox from Xanax cold turkey and i never thought i was going to feel better again. It took me like 2 weeks to feel normal again and even now i still have strange feelings. My emotions are still pretty out of whack ,combine that with being pregnant is a double mess Smile I think i remember you saying you were on Celexa? If so that is a very hard antidepressant to get off of. it's not an easier one like zoloft or wellbutren. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to PM me anytime Wink


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I came off of Lexapro when I started TTC. I still feel like I'm crazy moody at times, but I guess that's to be expected.

I also cried last week watching........wait for it.......Toy Story 3! Really?

And yesterday I just lost it. Having trouble dealing with my job/commute/life/ name it. But I'll talk about that on a different thread.

Hope your feeling better.

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Yea, I was on Celexa (which is the same as Lexapro...). I think i weaned off of it too quickly. Both my OB and internal med doc told me to get off it, and you see those stupid lawyer commercials saying "if you took Celexa while pregant and your baby was borth with _____, call us!!) so I was anxious to get off it quick. So I think my crying spell this morning was total hormones. It's kinda funny. But I am really worried about getting through this whole preg without it, and then avoiding post partum depression afterwards.... I would like to BF long enough to get my baby all the good immunity stuff, and then switch to formula so I can get on the meds ASAP. But I'll deal with that when we get there... (still hesitant, cause of previous m/c).

Thanks ladies. I'll be sure to let you know if I cry cause I'm out of crackers. LOL! It's funny hearing the things that will set us off. I know its not funny at the time, but then later... hahaha.

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Deirdre, I so cried watching Toy Story 3 NOT pregnant, lol!

Hormones, man, they suck!! I'm doing fine now, but I suspect that I'll be going back on Zoloft when I hit the halfway mark (history of PPD)

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Blah I've been off my med for weeks now I'm doing ok but I have my days

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I'm still on Zoloft which is considered the most safe (no birth defects associated with it despite the tv commercials but with drugs like it there are). It's not w/o it's risks but my MW doesn't want me off it being super anxious and depressed wouldn't be good for me or the baby either, it would raise my bp for sure and it's already high. So I will be monitored by u/s just bc there its not totally w/o risk but they're comfortable w/ me on it. I had to go off Klonopin though when I found out and I took that every night to help me sleep (it's anti anxiety) so I sleep got sh1t now.

Oh and yep on the crying. I cried the other day bc dh accidentally dumped out the ice water I had just filled up for myself. He offered to make me more but it wouldn't have been as cold dammit! Lol I'm all over the place.