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With my DD I was so good about eating healthy no sugar remembering my prenatal (most of the time) and just doing what I was "supposed" to. But with this one I almost feel like im not being a good mom cause I haven't really altered my eating habits (which aren't great) and started eating better. I've cut out pop but still have sips or iced tea and I can't remember to take my prenatal (my DH says I lose my brain when I get pregnant its so bad. I forget EVERYTHING).

Does anyone else feel more lax with their 2nd or 3rdthe or more kids? I really need to buckle down and eat better and get to walking.

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oh yeah, I was totally more lax with my second pregnancy. FWIW, you can have caffeine, up to like 300mg a day (which is a LOT of caffeine, so I always kept it minimal). I've been trying to be healthier even before I found out I was preggers, so this time I'm hoping to do it right (exercising, drinking enough water, eating better-I gave up fast food for Lent, so that should help that one, lol!). I was really bad about prenatals with my girls. With the m/s I just couldn't swallow those horse pills! But I just got some prenatal gummy vitamins that might be easier to take and remember, lol!

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Oh yeah I am more lax then I was with earlier pgs. I do drink some pop still tho I cut back and I never have near the 300 mg. I feel too bad to exercise right now but I really want to get back to it I had just starting eating healthier and exercising more before getting pg.

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Yes I feel much more lax this time. I am have been so sick I have just been eating whatever sounds good. luckily chocolate and other sweets don't sound good(I am sure this phase will pass.) I also haven;t been so good taking my vitamins oops......

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I'm more lax than I was with my first. I still try to limit caffeine and such but don't stress if I have some. Your post made me think of a friend of mine. When she had her third baby, she said the nurses kept commenting on how healthy and pink her placenta was. They actually showed it to another nurse because they were so impressed. They said "wow, you must have eaten a really healthy diet while pregnant". She said "well, if quarter pounders with cheese are healthy then yep I sure did!" . LOL! I think as long as you try to eat a fairly balanced diet you're fine. Esp in the beginning where you sometimes just have to eat whatever agrees with you.

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Not really, if anything I'm a little bit better this time. I've always been terrible about taking my prenatals, to the point where I end up on iron supplements later on. I was taking my prenatals at least every other day (I'm trying but I'm still super forgetful lol) but once my nausea kicked in I literally couldn't swallow them anymore, so I went out and bought Folic acid today so I'll at least get that in me until I feel better. I do not have a good diet, and it doesn't really improve during pg, but since DS1 is eating what we eat I've been trying to make less junk the past year, so my diet probably has improved marginally, although right now I just eat what sounds tolerable. I don't drink coffee, I used to drink a lot of pop but when I was pg I would limit myself to one can of caffeinated pop a day, but now I'm down to every other day so I'm consuming even less caffeine than my previous pgs. And lastly, I don't exercise...ever, never have. But I did buy a prenatal fitness DVD set and as soon as I stop feeling like a zombie most of the day (which will hopefully be soon) then I will start making time to work out.

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I feel like I'm already ruining this pregnancy!
I was so motivated and ate so good the first... week.. now Im just a pig and cant seem to stuff enough food in my face.. especially if it's chocolate or BBQ'd something...
Now im debating making cupcakes but I know it's a bad idea.
I did stop drinking coffee and soda and things like that, and I always remember my prenatal because I set it right next to my bed.. but food-wise and exercise-wise- I'm failing. I really need to get back on track because I dont want to already have gained a ton of weight at my first appointment!!

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I was really picky about everything during my first pregnancy and it all went out the window last pregnancy.

I've switched from Diet Pepsi to regular pop so at least I'm not drinking fake sugar when I have my morning caffeine. Wink I am being good about exercise at least and not going too crazy with food. I don't cut out lunch meat and some of the other stuff they say. I'm a bad girl. I do take my prenatals every day though.

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I'm really trying to eat healthier and so far I'm doing well. I had a lot of room for improvement in my diet so it's a much needed change anyway. And yes, it is ok to have a little caffiene. When I was pg with my ds my obgyn said it was ok for me to have one can of caffiene soda a day. I only wanted the ok to have one a week which is what I usually did. Since I've known I'm pregnant I haven't had any caffiene. I do religiously take my prenatals because DH has spina bifida occulta so I was taking them before I even got pg just to help prevent spina bifida.

I have chronic high bp so I've really been trying to reduce my sodium intake. Man there is SOOO much salt in EVERYTHING!

Every little chance you make helps so don't be too hard on yourself. Smile

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Ugh.. Kevin asked me "did you see what I got you out in the freezeR?" SO I RUNNN to the garage and look in the freezer- ROcky road ice cream- just what I've been craving.. So I was pissed off, yet extremely happy... I was like "well, thanks for getting me the LIGHT version at least!!"

Guess the diet will begin umm..tomorrow...

Does anyone know if fiber vitamins are safe?? I stopped taking them but now I feel like I.. "need" them

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Fiber is fine to take while pg in fact its recommended. I sometimes take Colace (stool softner) as I tend to get backed up terribly in early pg and my MW recommends this too. I can barely get food down so I havent botyhered trying to take a fiber supp.