Cervix and Cramps question

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Cervix and Cramps question

Hey ladies, quick question. I was going to the bathroom and couldn't help but check my cervix. I noticed that it is pretty low and hard. I remember with my other pregnancies that it was high and super soft. Anyone else cervix like this? Everyone go check STAT! j/k

Also I am a little crampy. You would think after baby number 4 I would know what was normal. Tomorrow is my ultrasound so hopefully everything is ok.


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Cramps are normal as long as they aren't paired with red blood. Try to relax. I bet you'll have a great ultrasound tomorrow.

I did check my cervix today because I worked out hard and paranoia made me check for spotting. Anyway, it was high and soft, but my cervix is always pretty soft. You did ask. Wink

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I haven't really checked mine out too thoroughly yet. When I had the spotting the other day I took a piece of tp
and stuck it in a bit to see if there was more and my cervix was high I know bc I could barely reach it. Didn't feel for firmness or softness tho. I know that mine is normally high and tilted back in early pg but can't remember hard or soft w/ others either.

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I definately am crampy- Have had cramps for like...12 days now!!

BUTTT...Im not any help with cervix- I could never figure that part out when TTC so I gave up...

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I don't dare check my cervix because that little bugger is temperamental this go-round, and I'll spot if I even think about it! Unfortunately means no lovin' for DH for quite some time. Bah.
But cramps yes - every day since the end of week 3. I've had half a gazillion ultrasounds already and everything is fine though.

On that note - I'm excited to hear about your ultrasound tomorrow! Please keep us posted!