Charting, or thinking about charting?

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Charting, or thinking about charting?

Hi, I'm Mary, host of Charting your BBT (basal body temperature) and Fertility signs board. Come check us out HERE and join other charters for some fun. I have lots of new and interesting things going on there now: fun questions throughout the week, a weekly meeting just for charters (this week's discussion: Our DH/SO's and how they react to our charting), even a Featured Chart of the Month thread where you can sign-up to have your chart featured for an entire month (no one has been brave enough to sign up yet, hehe). I'm also about to start a WTO and 2WW thread that's exclusively for charters, so you can talk all you want about OPKs, CP, CM, temps, and whatever else might drive a NON-charter crazy Smile Come on over, you know you want to. Wink