Cramps! Help

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Cramps! Help

PLease tell me I am not alone with weird cramps. It's on both sides of my uterus like over my left and right ovary. I am kinda scared. Someone told me that cramping got worse the more children you have but they were prob trying to make me feel better. Scared Sad


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I think cramping is perfectly OK especially if its not accompanied by any blood, your uterus and baby parts are constantly growing so thats the cramping that you feel!!! Have no fear!!

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Cramping is totally normal, I've had quite a bit of it with my other pregnancies. And there is also Round Ligament Pain, I'm not sure what it is exactly but I know LOTS of women get it, and with that one is it worse the more pregnancies you have and it starts earlier with each kid.

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I am so glad you posted this. I have been having what I could swear was ligament pain. But being so early it seems impossible. I don't remember having it with my girls till I was much MUCH further. oh well, this was very helpful. Thanks girls!

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My whole first trimester is pretty darn crampy. There is a baby growing in a space that did not have a baby in it just weeks ago... babypants it just makin' some room and setting up a happy house Smile

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The more kids you have the worse the cramps/pains can be. IDK why but it's true and my MW told me its totally normal. You can have RLP this early as well your body remembers what it's like to be pg and everything starts stretching right away. I have ovary sharp pains every once in a while and I also get cramps in my uterus that are dull/achy every once in a while.