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Crazy Emotional

Oh man I was not this emotional with my DD. I cry all the time it seems like or if i'm not crying i feel like I could cry and i'm fighting it back. We were watching American Idol last night and when they were down to the bottom 3 I started crying because I felt so bad for the person leaving and how they felt, then they showed their family crying and I lost it again. DD and I were watching cartoons together one night and I started tearing up, why I have no idea.

The really kicker is Thursday nights DH bowls with a bunch of guys. I was late gettting home and it was a stressful day at work. I started crying driving home about work and not having many friends and wishing I could have a girls night or just get away just a ton of crazy irrational thoughts for no real reason. By the time I got home (a whole 15 min drive) I was bawling. I walked in the door couldn't even get it out to DH why I was crying, he proceeds to walk out the door and i started crying harder. I'm now thinking OMG if Hailey's a handful tonight I can't handle it I really don't want to be home alone with her tonight (not that she's bad or anything) DH came back like a min later and said he wasn't going bowling. He called his buddy said I was have an pregnancy breakdown and couldn't make it. That made me laugh though so I calmed down after that.

I feel like a mess and I'm always tired. DH asked me last night why I was so tired at 830p I just looked at him my response "I"m growing a human you grow a human and try to be superman at the same time its not going to happen." HAHA I feel so bad because i wasn't crazy emotional with DD so this is kind of new to DH but he's being so nice and supportive and trys to cheer me up. I'm not all angry and yelling at him so thats a good thing right lol Smile

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Haha. Yeah I was all crying and teary at first, and then I got really short-tempered and angry, and that pretty much where I've stayed. I feel super bad cuz I've been really short with the boys and I know its not their fault but I just can't control it sometimes, although I do seem to be chilling out a little bit lately, but I still feel like I'm yelling all the time. And I'm tired a lot too, and the headaches are starting, so none of that makes for a terribly patient mommy, but I'm trying to be calmer with them and I'm doing much better.

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The first couple weeks i was like that. Anything could set me off i was sp aggitated and irritated. I was constantly walking away to breath and calm down.

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Me too with this baby!! Im always crying!!! I cried today when Bella I watched that tinker bell cartoon lol!!! I knowwww

And if I'm not crying I'm mad! I'm just plain whacky right now!!

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I get stressed super easy too plus I have an anxiety disorder do that doesn't help. Then add being of into the mix and I can be a real mess too. I cry over silly things like dropping stuff, not getting the house clean, stubbing my toe, you name it. It's a little better now but I'm unpredictably irritable sometimes now to make up for it. My dh is being a real trooper too lol poor guy. Well maybe not poor guy he's not had to make six human beings in his womb then push them out!

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I had to breathe carefully to stop myself from crying at the end of The Lorax yesterday because my oldest daughter was old enough to behave herself at the movie theater. I also got a little teared up when a tree was chopped down. Yeah, you're not alone. I sobbed while watching A Baby Story a couple of weeks ago. Crying really makes me feel better. I'm generally not much of a crier.

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I have been crying over the littlest stuff lately....... I normally not much of a crier .I also find I tend to yell more at my kids lately, they just started fighting all the time and my youngest will scream ahhhhhhh.