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Did any of u girls take meds for depression before u got pregnant? I took a depression med for my depression and haven't taken it since I found out I was expecting. I've heard there's meds that I can take but I DO NOT feel comfortable takings depression meds while pregnant.... So what can I do???

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I take Zoloft and despite what the commercials say both my midwife and psychiatrist assure me there have never been any birth defects associated with it. Others like it but not that same drug. That being said its not w/o risks and I will be monitored. My MW especially doesn't want me off my meds bc being depressed and anxious (my main issue is anxiety) isn't good for my me or the baby either it would certainly drive up my already high bp that I take meds for too. You have to weigh the pros and cons with any meds In the end. I also go to therapy once every 3 wks and my psychiatrist said if I went off my meds all together that I would need to go to therapy more. Would therapy be an option for you?

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If you don't feel comfortable taking medication, try exercising every day.

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I usually get on meds about halfway through my pregnancy (zoloft) because my depression and anxiety get really bad with my hormones. My doc didn't want me on daily meds since mine seem to really be hormone related (a few days after I O, I tend to be really depressed, anxious and my temper is very short). Exercising has seemed to help, but it's hard for me to get to the gym every day.

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Yea, I was on Celexa, and the docs had me come off of it. I've been on Celexa for years, and in the past when I've gone off of it for whatever reason (didn't have money, didn't feel like taking it...) it became really bad. So I'm pretty concerned about not taking it, but my docs are pretty insistent on not taking anything at all during 1st trimester if at all possible. We talked about the possibility of going back on in third trimester, but then brought up the fact that the baby would then kind of have withdrawals from it... which doesn't seem like a great idea. So, I don't know. I'd like to get back on them ASAP after baby is born because I'm worried about PPD, but I also would like to BF at least a short time to get the baby all the good immunity stuff. So I think it's a complex situation.

I am trying to get some mild/moderate exercise in (mainly walks), although so far I've been so exhausted its been a real challenge.

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I was also hoping to get back on the Lexapro ASAP after the baby is born. But I forgot about BFing. Is there an issue with that? I'm clueless????
I have found over the last few days the weather has been very mild and I've been able to go out for walks with DD. It's certainly not vigorous exercise, but I think just getting out, moving, and fresh air has helped a lot. Plus, my DD is 2 and EVERYTHING is so "WOOOOOWWWW!!!" to her, which helps me to remember to keep things simple and try to enjoy the blessing that I have.

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Bf'ing is an issue with several of the meds. I know Zoloft is okay to take while bf and I think Prozac is as well. But you'll have to check with your dr for sure.