Extremely important!! **must read**

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Extremely important!! **must read**

Ladies, it is VITAL that you double check your profiles to be sure they are complete and make sure the your email addresses are up to date! If not? You WILL be locked out at some point!!

Please read this announcement and take the time to get updated!! This will save everyone frustration in the future!

Thank you SO much!


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Why do we need to upload a profile pic?????

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"nero1281" wrote:

Why do we need to upload a profile pic?????

Hi Deirdre (& all),

Sorry I missed your question sooner! Unlike on the boards, your homepage profile actually inserts a default image.

Come on... I know so many of you don't want to keep looking like Anonymous Gal :lol::

Keep in mind that you don't have to use a picture of yourself if that isn't something you are comfortable with. You can choose a favorite graphic pic (like the teddy bear and balloons from your ticker or maybe a seasonal one (like I have in my avatar now .. reminds me that I need to change it!); or even a favorite place, movie, or book. Use anything that you'd like (within reason of course! LOL) After you have edited your profile and added a pic, you can then set up your "Member page" (i.e. wall!) and be sure to add me as a friend! You are then ready to tap even more of our features, adding comments and joining discussions throughout the site!

Need further instruction? Click here for our Features Guide and scroll to the section you want!

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)