Father's Day

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Father's Day

What does everyone have planned? Let's share ideas. Smile

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Since this is our first child I just bought him a new hat. We are really too big on holidays, well, at least we aren't until the baby comes Smile

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I'm probably going to help DD make him a card. I'm not going too crazy since he kind of failed on mother's day/my birthday/our anniversary last month. A card and a special b'fast most likely.

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DH didn't do anything for Mothers Day so he ain't getting squat for Fathers day lol. We're really not big holiday/celebration people, xmas is really the only one we make a big deal out of.

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My DH did a good job with Mother's Day so I'm feeling pressure. I'm making a mosaic stepping stone with my girls. It won't be fancy or anything, but he'll appreciate that we put some time into it. Plus, it's inexpensive. Biggrin

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"ambie719" wrote:

DH didn't do anything for Mothers Day so he ain't getting squat for Fathers day lol.

Same here, I got a card and a bag of M&M's. I am thinking Hailey and I will pick out a card then maybe we will all go fishing. DH has been patiently waiting for the time he can take Hailey fishing

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Kevin isn't big on "holidays" either- mothersday he was nice, but got me the same flowers as his dumb step mom so I wasnt overly thrilled but it was nice that he actually remembered hahahah!!!!

I ordered him/his dog a furminator and fur spray and it arrived, so thats what hes getting!! HAHAHAH!! It was like 40$ though so a nice gift I think.. I was going to go after work and get him some cards from me/Brody and maybe I'll bake a cake or something and bring a pizza home (I have to work until 5pm)

He'll prob spend the day with Brody and go visit his dad.. I MIGHT actually go get him like 100$ lowes gift card or something- mainly bcuz he has a lot of remodel projects to do and is getting overwhelmed so he might like a gift card - or at the very least it'll motivate him to get started/keep going on the babies room! hahahah!!!

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I will probably just get DH a card and then we are going over to my parents for a cookout!

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