Favorite books?

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Favorite books?

I love pregnancy books!
Does anyone have any favorites/reccomendations?
I love week-by-week type things.

my favorites from DS were/are the Your Pregnancy Week By Week (I have the 5th edition, so maybe I shld get a newer one)
And the pregnancy countdown (the little blue/pink book that tells you something every DAY) it's fun to have something that goes day by dayto pass time or to read before bed.
I also have the "I'm Pregnant" week by week guide- but don't love it as much. it's more vague (week 6-10)
The Anxious Parents Guide to pregnancy I also have- b ut never really got into it..

Was thinking about getting one for my kindle to read on the go too.

Anyone reading anything good? Or remember from last time? Smile

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I love my "Your Pregnancy Week By Week"! I got it with DS1 and can't wait to pull it out and re-read it each time! I love how it shows the baby's actual size in the beginning. Mine's pretty old. Wonder if it's changed enough to get a new one. I have also gotten the The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal & Organizer with each baby. It's is so neat to be able to record everything and have all my info in one place. It's awesome to be able to go back and compare each of my pregnancies and see when certain things started or what happened at each doc appt Smile

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Which edition is your "your pregnancy"? I'm thinking about looking to see if theres a newer version of mine too hehe.

I really need a good pregnancy journal!! I loooved mine with DS but I kind of want a different one- I really like the belly book but haven't really seen it anywhere to buy lately.

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I had one of those journal books last pregnancy, but I didn't care for the guided questions. I did love seeing all the details from even day to day on what could be going on. I think I had "Your Pregnancy Week by Week".

This pregnancy I bought a weekly calendar/organizer and I'm journaling whatever I feel like on each day, just a sentence. I think it's going to be more personalized this way. I'm having to rely on other people's pregnancy tickers to see what's going on with baby. Lol