Feeling really run down

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Feeling really run down

I am feeling really crappy the last 2 days. I have chalked it up to having 3 kids alone and DH being out of town fr 10 weeks Sad but i really do feel kinda off. Does anyone else feel extremely tired and have no energy? I don't want to play with my kids or clean anything. I just got over morning sickness and puking the last 2 weeks. thought i would have turned the corner by now. OK i'm done complaining!


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I am still feeling this way and will be 17 weeks tomorrow. I have 6 kids and Dh has been traveling quite a bit lately. It has left me feeling overwhelmed and run down. I have no desire to do ANYTHING. *hugs* I hope you start feeling more energetic real soon!

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I would guess it has a lot to do with your DH being out of town. It is really hard when they are not home. I know that my DH and I both do a lot better when we see each other more often. For us he is basically gone from thur-sun morning. He works nights so I don't see him except for the small amount of time between getting home and leaving for work again.
It sucks, hang tough, how much longer will he be gone?
I find it helps a lot to get out of the house.

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:bigarmhug: I'm feeling that way too and my DH isn't even out of town. For instance, I just put away the laundry that I did on Sunday. Even though I'm not puking and feeling a lot better, I seem to have lost any motivation to do anything. I'm usually right on top of things. I hope this passes for us soon and that your DH is home soon.

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thanks ladies i really appreciate the support. DH is suppose to come back on may 10th but he might get out a week early if the class he is doing moves along quickly. I just want my life back to normal Sad

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hehe I just posted this on our facebook- ditto!!
I feel SOOO run down the last few days, I had thought I was getting my energy back!
Yesterday I was soo exhausted, got a pedi with my sister while DS was at school, felt drained, even got a COFFEE which I havent had in forever, took DS to my gmas to visit and kept almost drifting off on the chair...came home, basically laid on the couch til I dragged myself to bed, then today slept in til almost 8am and still was mad @ DS for waking up! hahah
Now its after 9 and my eyes hurt! :(:( Im ready for second trimester energyy!!!!

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This morning my ms really kicked in. I fell so run down, and gross. For lunch I ran into town and got the kids some food just so that I didnt have to smell the food cooking Sad Hoping that I can adjust my routine a bit. My house is already starting to suffer from me taking a nap rather than cleaning during the kids's nap time Sad

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I feel that way exactly! I'm not sleeping for crap at night so that's probably part of it. But even when I do sleep I'm stil run down.

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This is me to. Tired all the time, no energy or motivation to make myself get up and do things. Poor DH I feel like i'm leaving the brunt of all the laundry and dishes up to him. He's been good about it though. I just feel cruddy for not doing dishes but when I tell myself I'm going to get up my body says heck no your laying right here all cozy.