Fertility Vitamins...again :)

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Fertility Vitamins...again :)

Here I am again- wondering about vitamins
For those who take Maca- how many do you take a day? I was only taking one, now I'm reading I needed like 3x the amount at least. oops

Vitamin B.. this confuses me so much. It says vitamin b6 is what you need... but then I read that you need vitamin b12 to balance out the 6..... I've been taking super b complex AND vitamin b6... since B vitamins are water soluable I figure it cant hurt.. but now I'm almost out so I need to figure out what I should really buy...

Vitex- I've been trying to take 3x a day.... Hopefully thats enough?!

Royal Jelly- i was only taking 1 a day, then I read take 3x a day... but now when reseraching it it says like 3000mg or something crazy and mine are like 500mg... so 6?!!??!?! frickkk

I feel like a medicine cabinet and it kinda makes me nervous. Anyone know anything? about.. anything?!?!

Basically: HEEEEELLLLP!!!!:help1:

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I'm only taking the prenatal the dr gave me. I took fertilaid last month and that is the only month I didn't ovulate so I don't want to mess with self medicating. sometimes i think it can do more harm then good.

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Hmmm....I'm no expert when it comes to supplements so I really don't have anything to add.

I did take Maca, Royal Jelly and Vitex for a few weeks a while back. I didn't take any of them long enough to really notice any difference, though. I DID stop taking Vitex because it was causing me to spot mid-cycle and also gave me some wicked cramps. I know lots of women swear by these supplements but I just don't know much about them. I hope someone who has more experience/knowledge jumps in! Biggrin

I hear ya on feeling like a medicine cabinet....I feel like that too!

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