First Appointment today...

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First Appointment today...

My ultrasound and doc appointment was this morning. All is good and we saw our little baby and that beautiful heartbeat at 163. I'm so relieved that he gave me something for my nausea and told me that I could start taking my prilosec again. Once I start on both of those tomorrow I sure hope I start feeling better.

Next up is my 12 week appointment and the genetics testing aroud 16 wks.

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Yay for a good appointment! Just think only like 12 more to go or something like that! Hopefully the meds help for your neasea. My dr told me im going to have totough it out. Do you remember what your ds heartbeat averaged? Im going to pull out my dd baby book tonigjt to see what hers was.

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"nwmommy" wrote:

Do you remember what your ds heartbeat averaged?

I looked and it was 178bpm at this stage. We shall see....I think I'm guessing Girl.

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So glad you had a great appt! Yay for a hb!!! Hope the nausea meds help phenergen is a lifesaver for me, zofran didn't help much.

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Congrats on an excellent 1st appointment. I hope the meds work for you!

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Hooray for a good appt!! Glad you got to see the HB!! Zofran works for me!