first m/w appointment

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first m/w appointment

My m/w appointment was a little disappointing. She is an intern, so she wasn't very experienced. She said everything looked fine but couldn't tell me for certain if my uterus was the right size for the dates. She attempted the doppler but couldn't find a hb. She just told me to come back in 4 weeks. Later, she called me back, though, and offered a viability scan if I wanted it. I said I would go next week. I am really nervous about that, though, because of the absolutely terrible experiences I had before. I'm going to a different hospital this time, though. The hospital I went to before sucked. They wouldn't tell me anything or let me look at the screen and wouldn't even let DH go in the room with me!

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I hope you have a better experience with the scan this time. I'd hope they'd at least let you see the little flickering blob for a second before they do all their measurements. This part of pregnancy is nerve-wracking! :bighug:

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Well, those were the ones that didn't have a flicker, so there wasn't anything to see. It was still really stressful and horrible.

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Sorry it was disappointing Deb! I always look forward to my appts (and am frequently nervous too) just b/c it is one more milestone passed and I hate it when left in limbo land and feel like I dont know anything more than I did before I went in. I hope that you have a great scan and a great tech who communicates with you. As for not letting your dh go in I have never heard of that. They always let him in whether its in the office or at the hospital. I really hope he can go with you!

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Sorry it was so disappointing Sad I hate that Sad I can't wait to hear about your scan :bighug:

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Sorry about your apt, how frustrating.Can't wait to hear about your scan !

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I hate disapointing apts!! Is there anyway you can switch M/W or doctors??? I feel a good doctor really can make or break the whole pregnancy experience! I loooove my doctor, so I am usually so excited to go to her. But when I have to see somebody else, its awkward and not as enjoyable. And I once had a really rude U/S lady, which made the whole gender/US experience not so much fun.

I hope they let you see the U/S and maybe give you some comfort!! Maybe you could order a doppler so at least you could listen to the HB at home.

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"Gabsma03" wrote:

Sorry about your apt, how frustrating.Can't wait to hear about your scan !

THIS! Hopefully the next 4 weeks goes by fast for you.

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That kinda thing really p*sses me off. It's your body, and YOUR scan, you should be able to see everything that is going on, and have any questions answered. I think they do that because they don't want to deal with questions that are 'stupid' to them, or take up their time. I guess I'm lucky that I've never had that happen - but all my scans have been in-office, by the OBGYN.

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I go to a m/w, and they don't have an u/s machine. The times I've had to go get u/s were urgent ones because I was spotting or whatever, and it was just an u/s tech at the local hospital. This time, I'm going to a better hospital and getting a scan through the OB department, so it should be completely different. My appointment is going to be next Friday.