Freaking out!!!!

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Freaking out!!!!

Just got bff yeasterday !!4 baby and a huge surprise !!!!not sure when I ovulated as I was coming off bc pills .baby will be due somewhere between sept and begginings of october . I used to be a member but some
How I can't log on so I had to log in under a new name :((( boo cause I had thousands of post but I lost it all . Anyway my name is Meredith and I an 27 with three childern girl( Chloe ) boy ( cooper) boy( Levi) . I'm very nervous . I had some blood work done Tuesday not know I was pregnant but I'm very very early cause my hcg was 11 and today 48 hours later it was 38.9 so I guess it is doubling but very early . I know I had to ovulate 11 days ago . Any way can anybody tell me what they're hcg was around 11 DPO?

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Hi! Congrats on bebe #4. I can't tell you anything about HCG b/c I've never had my tested with pregnancy. Hopefully someone will have a good answer for you. When will your next appt. be?

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My next blood draw is Monday . Ultrasound is Monday the 30

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Congrats!! I don't usually have betas done so I don't know about numbers, but you should be able to find some good info about them at betabase.

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yay congratulations!!!!!

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Yay! Love all the BFPs rolling in! Congratulations! Biggrin

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Congrats on baby #4, I'm in that club too.