Gaining too much?

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Gaining too much?

I really feel like I need to step up my healthy eating and exercise- I vowed to not gain as much weight this time- and I was doing really good..

Came back this weekend and stepped on the scale- pretty sure I'm up like 18lbs now!!!!! YIKES!!

I bought a 2nd trimester workout video and plan to start tracking my food tomorrow... i KNOW I've been making poor choices in eating so its not that I am going to "diet" but just starting eating healthier and not everything in sight!!

Ugh!! What's everyone up to already?

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You're not alone with the weight gain and I exercise strenuously 3-4 times a week. I lost 4 pounds in early pregnancy, but I'm up 17 pounds from my lowest. It's crazy because my belly doesn't even stick out that much. I must be putting it on everywhere. Sad

I don't know about you, but I can't seem to get control of my eating. I crave junk food and sweets. I need to just not keep them in the house because my sweet tooth is happy enough with a ripe peach or some berries (still sugar, but at least healthy). I also haven't been drinking enough water. Maybe I should go back to my habit of forcing myself to drink a large glass of water whenever I crave something in order to not have as much room for junk.

In the long run, we'll be able to lose this baby weight. It's for a good cause, but it sure doesn't hurt to limit the gain to start with when possible. You look great (love the shot gun wedding picture especially). Now that you're an old married lady, you could just let yourself go. Wink

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I find that your body does whatever the hell it wants when you're pregnant, and some people just gain a lot no matter how much they fight it and no matter how healthy they are.

That said, I'm SO not healthy or active in any way at all, and I have gained a ton of weight this pregnancy. With the boys I started at 130 & 125lbs respectively, and delivered at 160lbs for both, so I gained 30 & 35lbs for them. This time I started at 135 (which was unfortunately an all time high for me) and at my 24 week appt I was already up to 160lbs! So not happy about that. I know I could eat better and I'm not drinking nearly enough water, which is weird for me because I love water, but all I want is sweet or junky. My doctor is not concerned or trying to make me feel like a fatty, which I am very thankful for because I know a lot of docs bully pg women about their weight. Hopefully no matter how much I gain I'll be able to drop it fairly quickly and easily like I did with the boys.

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I've gained 28lbs already but that's with twins and actually a good thing. Smile The more weight gained early helps with babies weights later on, so they say. I am huge already...huge... LOL. I keep growing out of clothes and thinking I can hold on...just 12 weeks or so left.

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I've gained 10 so far - well probably a little more (that was at my 20 week mark and this week is 24) I gained 31 pounds with DS and lost all of it plus a couple of pounds my my 6 week pp check. I agree - I think your body is going to do what it's going to do no matter what.

I'm actually starting to get to the point where I'm hungry, but not a lot will fit. I get full fast!

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I started my fitness video today- I made it like 30 min into it and then gave up for today.. haha.. I'll start fresh tomorrow with that!!

Andrea- Yeah I need to up my water again!! Right now Im drinking a warm glass of lemon water- its supposed to get "digestive juices flowing" .. I used to drink it every morning...

Haha, and yes... I guess I could just "let myself go"but thats what I did last time and it was soooo much working get it all off, I delivered @ 200lbs and it was a lot easier for me to diet/lose weight back then because the baby just drank milk, and Kevin worked swing, so basically I ate dinner alone everynight.. I feel like this time its gonna be more of a challenge because the boys will still be eating/I'll still have to make dinner, then either eat only a little bit of it or eat something different...

Plus- we want to have our reception or a bigger type wedding + real honeymoon next summer so hopefully that will motivate me to lose lose lose!!

I just couldn't believe the scale said 166 already- my goal waslike 170 on due day!!!

I also think I need to just get a ton of fruit and what not and NOT have tons of junk in the fridge- and start making more stir fry and healthy things like I did before I was pregnant- I think I've used pregnancy as an excuse to keep ice cream in the freezer and make tons of carb-filled dinners, and eat out for lunch, and have big breakfasts..haha...

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I'm up 10lbs. Not too bad but I'm at risk for ges diabetes since I've had it in the past. At my last appt, my doc said I could just skip the glucose test and test my sugars myself and watch my diet. I've been really slack so far this pregnancy and haven't been eating the best or exercising enough. I'll probably start my diabetes diet next week.

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I don't know exactly what I'm up....I try not to think about it. I think it's around 10-12 lbs. Last time I did ok then at the end it just piled on from fluid retention. I think I ended up at 35-40. I lost it all fast though since it was mostly baby and fluid. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time. My goal is to keep it at 20 or less.

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I'm not sure. I have a drs appointment Friday and I'm kinda scared to see what my weight is. I stopped measuring myself at home cause my belly was getting in the way of seeing the number lol.