Genetic screening

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Genetic screening

Is anyone planning on doing any genetic screening?

At my appointment today my ob asked me if I wanted to have it done, because I'd need to schedule now for the non-invasive first trimester screening.

I did some research and decided against it, even though the combined age of DH and I (and therefore risk factor) is pretty high. Genetic screening wasn't even a thought of mine when pregnant with DS because I was a decade younger, so this is the first time I've really had to give it some thought. Just curious if others have had it done in previous pregnancies, and what you thought of the process, or are giving it any thought this time around.

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Im not really sure what it is.. is that the 12-14 week nuchal or something scan??
My doctors office has never offered any other scan then the 20 weekish one and never really asked about testing so I'm no help!

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I've always turned it down. Too much unnecessary stress and false positives to make it worthwhile for me.

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I had it done with both of my girls - the NT scan. It was an ultrasound and a blood test. Both of mine came out great and made me feel more confident in my pregnancy. I mainly did them because I wanted the additional ultrasound. Lol The 12-14 week ultrasound is the cutest one because they look like babies and are small enough to get a good look at the profile.

I probably won't get it done this time around. If something is wrong, then I don't want to know until later. It's not like I'd do anything about it so I may as well enjoy my pregnancy as long as possible. My life is really good right now so I can't help but wonder how long that will last...

Man, I'm a negative nelly right now. Sorry!

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I don't do them. It's a very high rate of false positives, so if you get one, you worry yourself to death that something is going to be wrong with the baby. And if there does happen to be something wrong with the baby, I wouldn't do anything about it anyway, so what's the point. I will get the 2nd trimester u/s just because if there's something wrong with the brain, kidneys, spinal column or heart, I would want to know before the birth so that we can be prepared, but that's as far as I'm willing to go with testing. No genetic tests or amnio for me.

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I had it done with DD and I plan on doing it again. I'd just rather know.

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i do it for the free ultrasound, so yes

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We did the AFP and cystic fibrosis with DS which was just a blood draw. We are doing the sequential screening this time mostly because DH has spina bifida occulta (closed spina bifida) which is related to spina bifida so my ob gyn thought it would be a good idea to know for sure on that because often times they do surgery immediatly after birth.

We are planning on only doing the blood draw and u/s. If the initial results are abnormal they send you to our large university hospital for a more thorough scan. We have decided we would not do the amniocentisis.

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I wlll get the quad screen blood test. I didnt with my first few b/c I wouldnt ever terminate or anything like that but in talking to my MW she said she knew how I felt on that score but it was good to know if further testing might be needed since our hosptial is small and doesnt have a perinatologist or NICU. As of my last baby they didnt do a nuchal scan here and they only sent you to the UofI if there was an indication on the blood work that you needed to be and I have never had an alarming result. I will have my fetal anomaly screen at the UofI at 18 wks.