Great Ultrasound!

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Great Ultrasound!

Phew! I was so nervous, but my ultrasound turned out great today. The little empy sac grew a bunch in a week. Now we have a yolk sac, embryo, and all that good stuff AND a heartbeat!!! :woohoo: Baby measured at 6w2d so my due date adjusted a couple of days back (to October 24). I was so happy to see the little flicker right away.

Thanks for helping me through the last week's wait. Biggrin

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yay Glad it went well !!!! whoo hooo for a heartbeat Smile

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YAY!!!! That's great news!!!

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That's great news! And really funny. My due date was moved back to the 24th too! But I think my doc read her calculation wheel wrong. The tech said the baby measured 6w4d so that would be right on track for the 22nd. I go back in 2 weeks so we'll see what happens then and I'll ask about the date.

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AWesome appt! Glad to hear all is doing well!

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YAY! Thats exciting. Thats my due date too (for now) so it's kinda nice to picture that my LO probably looks similar to yours right now!! My U/S isnt for another.... 11 feels like forever!!!!

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Woohoo doing a happy dance for you! Isnt that little flicker just amazing!

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That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! I have to admit being a little jealous of everyone, because I go to a m/w, and they don't do u/s. I should be able to hear the hb next week, though.

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congrats! I'm so excited for you. Smile

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So happy that all is well. What a relieve to see that little heartbeat. Smile

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yay congrats!!