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What do you do with yourself all day? Do you have a job/career outside the home, if so full or part time? Are you a student or SAHM? Is this what you plan to do for a long time or are there changes on the horizon?

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I am a SAHM. Have been since my first was born 13 years ago. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. It's not easy being cooped up in the house with the little ones all day with no adult interaction though. Still I wouldn't want to be away from the kids, they are my career lol! Eventually when the youngest is in school full time I will go to work part time. I dont necessarily want to but dh says I have to to bring in social security for when we're old! I will probably work at the kids school they have many moms working there part time.

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I work PT and go to school FT and spend the rest of my time taking care of DS and the house!
I like being at home, but I also like to finally have adult interaction at work! Even though when Im there I can't wait to get home haha
DS has preschool tues thurs mornings for 2.5 hours so during that time I have "alone time" which I spend either doing homework, cleaning house, grocery shopping, or sometimes something fun, like my hair appt yesterday... now i've been using them for doctors appts hehe
When the LO comes I'd like to stay home for a while, then eventually go back to work when the kids are in school.

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I'm a FT Mom and Wife AND I work FT as a Paralegal. Smile

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I'm a full time SAHM and homeschooler. I have been home since I was 3 months pregnant with DD1 and I really love it. I volunteer at our church nursery so I get to talk to adults then. I stay pretty busy doing school time with my 5 and 3yo and gymnastics and Opal goes to school 1 day a week. Its a homeschooling school. I'm also always chasing my 20month old out of the bathroom and he also loves to get into the mini fridge, and bug his big sisters. I take care of most of the normal domestic roles, I bake, cook and clean and make my DH his meals for work. He always helps around the house too. I honestly have a very had time picturing myself doing anything else. I love it and know that this is the role that God called me into in my life.

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I've been a SAHM for 3 years now. It can get a little lonely sometimes since we don't get out much, but I'm hoping to get the boys in some playgroups this spring/summer. I did try to get a PT job before I got pg, but we live on a military base, and there is just not a whole lot for job opportunities here. Once this new one is 3-4 and the boys are both in school FT then I'll probably go back to working.

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I am a SAHM and I work part time from home for my BIL. He has several companies and I help with the book keeping for a couple of them. I've been doing this since DS was born almost 4 years ago. The plan is to continue doing this until the new baby is in school. Not sure what I'll do then.

In my previous life I was an in house graphic designer at a large credit union. I did that for six years.

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I'm a SAHM to a 2 and 4 year old, but we rarely actually stay at home. There's preschool 2 mornings a week, playdates, classes at the gym, errands to run, and MOMs group that keep us busy in the mornings. Both of my kids take an afternoon nap so I use that time for myself. Time for myself = time to fold the laundry in peace, get the house nice to make us all happier, etc. Lol I'm also blessed to have lots of family in town so every other Wednesday is my day to have the kids stay at either my MIL's or my mom's house. Outside of the home, I volunteer for the public school foundation board which is really time consuming in September and October because that's when we throw our big fundraiser. Yikes! I'm also on the planning committee of the MOMs group and in charge of setting up the calendar of events since I'm the mom that always wants to be out and about. Biggrin My girls are social butterflies too.

I don't know what I'm going to do once my kids are all in kindergarten and above. I used to be a teacher, but teaching and my husband's job have opposite schedules. He's busiest during the summer and breaks from school since lots of people get wisdom teeth out then. As a teacher, I wouldn't be able to go on trips and stuff with him. I'll probably volunteer a lot around the community and be active in the schools.

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I am a small business owner Smile I own my own photography business. It's a bit hard to work from home sometimes, but I love the flexibility it provides me!

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I work full time at an aerospace company. DH works here also and I love that aspect. Our son is watched by the HR managers MIL, who also watches the son of another co-worker. She is only 5 minutes away from us which is nice for drop-off and pick-up. After this baby is born though, I don't know if it will be better financially for me to go back to work or just stay at home. I stayed with my son at home until he was 6 months old and loved every minute of it!

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I work FT at a law firm. Currently, many evenings after work I just go directly from work out to something to do, like a poker league I'm in, or to a movie, or whatever I feel like. It's going to be a biiiiiiiig change!

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I work Full Time at a bank as a supervisor. Then when I come home (normally about 545) its laundry, dishes, play with Hailey, bedtime and then mommy/daddy time which lately isn't anything except me being exhausted and going to bed by 845 Smile

I used to have a couple days a week where i went to Zumba or Weight Watchers in the evening and I was happier and more energized. Right now i'm having a hard time because I don't do those anymore Sad

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I am a stay at home mom 5 days a week, and I work part time 2 days a week . It works out great My mom watches my kids and I really like getting out of the house. I work in the accounting office/customer service at a grocery store . I have worked their for almost 13 years. After the babies are born I may go back until January and than have to quit my mom won't be able to watch all 4. Otherwise I may just work several nights a week so dh can be home with the kids.......

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I have a PT job as a behavior specialist consultant working with kids that have behavioral issues. I have a FT job (and then some) as a mom of 5 kids, with one being special needs. I am seriously contemplating becoming a SAHM in October and possibly home schooling my oldest. (He really does not want to go to the public jr. high.) Right now, I'm spending so much time with my special needs son that I'm not even earning the amount of money we're spending out for daycare.

I also take karate classes 2-3 times a week, and it's my only escape (an hour at a time) from my stressful life right now.

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What do you do with yourself all day? I am a SAHM and teach online classes when the kids are asleep. No family in town and not sure what I'll do for all these doctor apointments....

Do you have a job/career outside the home, if so full or part time? I teach three classes and work about 5 hours a day when the kids are asleep.

On the horizon? I can't imagine when all kids are in school! My 5 year old will start school in the fall-- he hasn't even been in preschool yet so it'll be a big change. I do run at the Y two days a week when the kids are at Spanish class or swim lessons, but besides that it is all us, all the time. Eventually I'd like to go for my PhD and this summer I;m being trained in a Montessori based Sunday school program.

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I work FT as a dental asst. I commute to my office. Been there almost 9 years. Been in dental 14 years. i'd love to stay home with my kids. we also have my grandma with us. When my mom died we had to take her in. She isnt stable and has had numerous health and psychological issue so dh stays home and works p/t for the school district. But I envy you sahm's. I'd love to but living in cali in a modest size home and an ideal area, we both need to work and i am grateful for what we have been able to accomplish, but sahm would have been icing on the cake. My mom was a sahm.

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I am a police officer and I commute 65 miles each way. I'm currently working an administrative position with the department so I have a steady M-F schedule. Most of my day I'm at work or in the car, but when I get home I usually try to spend some time with DD or go food shopping, clean up, cook dinner, clean up from dinner, bathtime and/or get DD ready for bed. She goes to bed sometime between 8 and 9. I try to get some housework done if it's early enough, otherwise I crash on the couch for a little bit and go to bed by 10. DH is a fireman and generally moves his shifts to work nights and weekends so he can be home with DD while I'm working. On the weekends I try to run errands and do fun stuff with DD.
Free/Me time is pretty much a thing of the past for me. But when I did have some I use to like running, yoga, music, art, and just being in the city.

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