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I hope no one minds, especially Tiffany (sorry for hijaking your questions!)

How do you and DH spend your time away? Do you get time away and if so how often do you do date night?

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I've been having a ton of "i wanna feel special and important to" feelings lately. I"m not sure if its just my hormones or the fact that DH and I haven't gone out by ourselves to do anything in god knows how long, its been at least 10 mnths since we last went out. And when we went out we left DD with MIL and we went out to eat and walked the mall, picked up DD and had her in bed by 9p. I guess i'm just feeling really distant from DH right now. We didn't even go out for our anniversary or new years or valentines for that matter, man I guess i'm really longing for a date night or something. I'm missing feeling all special and looking nice and going out for a bit. We've never had a night away from DD, she's 18 mnths and never spent the night away from us. Not that i'm scared to be away from her but just because we've never gone or done anything that she can't come to or we can't pick her up and bring her home.

*Yep i feel like i'm sounding whiny and my disclaimer is that from my hormones I feel like I could cry all the time so that's probably whats making me feel this way Smile ****

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No no I'm glad you asked a question!! I hope others think of one and do too!

Um yeah we don't "get away" ever. I mean the older kids like to stay at my 'rents on most Friday nights for a change of pace but the younger two don't go. We have never left Ariana over night at all and she'll be a year next month, and we've only left Luke when we had Ariana. We do occasionally leave all the kids at my moms to go to a movie but that is rare, not even once a month most months, and even then were back to get the younger two by 9:30 the latest. We go out to eat with the younger two mist Friday nights to get outta the house and they are pretty good. Otherwise it's us and the kids all the time Smile Cant say it wouldn't be nice to get away for a whole night but I don't see it happening soon.

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We don't get away. We haven't had a date night pretty much since Isaac was born. We've skipped going out our last 2 anniversarys, valentines, and countless bdays. We either can't get away from the kids, or if we can get my mom to watch them, we can't afford to go out, so we don't bother anymore. Maybe someday.

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We rarely get away and if we do it's usually just one or two nights within driving distance. We do that about once a year to go to a football game or something. Maybe once every couple months we do something without DS. Getting a sitter is so expensive and we don't have family in town so it makes it a little more difficult. We do have a few families we trade babysitting with but normally don't use that option for date nights. It's more for Dr. appts, errands etc....

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I don't have a DH, but that's one of the things I"m worried about.... ever leaving the house (except for work) ever ever ever again, for non-baby time.

I'm sure it will work out for at least an occassional... but with my lifestyle now, where I'm used to go out 5-6 nights a week (not crazy partying, just out of the house doin stuff) I know it's still going to be a big impact.

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DH and I don't get out very much either. But we do make sure to set time away most days for the week to sit and talk, touch, and reconnect. DH is a nurse and the 3 days a week we works I hardly see him, so the other 4 days we try to spend time together. He is also in school so that eats up a lot of his time too. Last night I was really sick, so we just sat up and watched a movie together and snuggled, it was really nice.

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Saturday was our first "date night" in a while just because it was my birthday.
We took Brody and my neice to the zoo all morning/afternoon then came back, dropped him off at my dads, went to an early dinner, went to the movie, came home.
We were early to the movie and just sat there for like an hour chatting..talking about how lame we are that we spend our hour doing "nothing" haha but it was SOOO NICE...
He doesnt do well sleeping @ anyone elses house because he only knows his own bed, so for the next LO i hope to get them more used to sleepovers, even if that means me taking them somewhere.
Before my dad and stepmom divorced, Brody used to stay the night over there on occasion when he was a baby and did so good, and now hes too scared to stay the night so we just stay home always!

I definately woke up sunday feeling sooo refreshed and happy for getting some alone time with Kevin though!! And I think Kevin felt a lot better too- he'd been feeling raelly "blue" since I got pregnant- prob from the lack of um.. "attention" haha...

my dad got us a gift card to stay the night at mcmennimans (however you spell it) but its far away, so its been over a year and a half and we still havent went- maybe if my dad learns to be a better babysitter we'll go sometime this summer Smile

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Right now we have a decent amount of alone time. Every other weekend our kids go to their other parents houses. We usually spend our kid free time hanging out in bed watching movies, and ordering pizza or something. When the weather is nice we like to go for long rides on the bike (motorcycle). And one week each summer my parents take the kids on a vacation without us. When they were gone last year, Jason and I rode to Michigan, staying in different campgrounds each night. Things are going to be so different once baby comes, and there won't be a "other parent" for him/her to go visit!!