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GTKY Question 1:

I thought I would start a GTKY (getting to know you) question to get the board moving! If anyone else wants to ask one just start a new thread with another question!

Q1: How did you and DH/SO/Baby's Father meet?

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Dh and I met in high school. He was a friend of my bff's brother is how I first saw him and thought he was cute. We were both dating other people at first. Then a month or so later we happened to be at this local coffee shop at the same time and were single. Turns out he had noticed me too lol and started telling me jokes and bought me a drink. From then on it was history in the making, just meant to be lmao. That was 1994 (gasp) he was a sophomore and I a junior. We had our first dd in 1999 and got married in 2000.

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DH was my Boss( eek) it was forbidden we had to hide our relationship for awhile. I was not looking for a relationship ,I was a newly single Mom with a 2 year old. He took my to daughter like she was his own . To this day I can't believe what an awesome Father he has been to my daughter he is more of a dad than her dad will ever be. We got married in October 2007.

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I was working at Claire's and he was working EMS. Neither of us were supposed to work that day. I had to switch my normal day off because I needed to be home earlier in the week to meet the furniture delivery guy and he was working overtime. The girl he was working with wanted to go to Claire's to find a specific hair item we used to sell (the store was close to their station). Instead of waiting in the ambulance with crappy AC in the hot Florida sun, he decided to go in with her. He saw me and started chatting. We exchanged numbers and set up a date. The rest is history. That will be 11 years ago this May.

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Great thread! I met DH at college freshman year, but neither of us was interested in the other. I went away to Spain for my junior year, and when we came back, it was like sparks were flying. I invited him to my house for dinner, and things went from here. We started officially dating October 12, so if the baby comes that day, it will be a great 20-year anniversary gift. We got married in June of 1994 and have been happily married since.

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I love these stories!

I first remember meeting my dh at a band picnic before school started in 1994. He wasn't wearing a shirt and looked really cute for a freshman guy. I thought he was a cocky jerk though. There was something about him that made me unable to stop flirting with him. We were friends and dated other people for almost two years. I had a dirty dream about him and then seriously couldn't stop thinking about him even though I had a boyfriend at the time. We ended up getting together at the end of my junior year and his sophomore year in high school. We dated all through college and got married in 2002 after he graduated from undergrad. We're coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary in June.

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Deb and Andrea 1994 was a good year for us all apparently too funny!

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I love hearing all these stories!
I get a little squeamish when I tell mine though, because it's unusual, and some people find it hard to follow... Jason was married to my ex husbands sister. It sounds worse than it is! Jason and her divorced before my ex and I were even married. We knew of each other, and had met a couple times. During the time my 13 year marriage was going to **** at the end of 09', he happened to be out to lunch with his daughter (my niece), I ran into them, and she 're-introduced' us. He was an amazing support for both my ex and I when we officially split, and I accidentally fell in love. It's been hard at times, because our relationship pi**ed off so many people, but after the relationship I had w my ex, this feels like a dream!

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I refer to him as my DH but we arent married yet. When i first joined this site it was just easier to say DH in posts than to try and say boyfriend or significant other. We met in july 2009 i had just been divorced a year earlier and was trying to put my life back. I had just moved to this town not knowing anyone. We actually met online through a dating site we talked for awhile then we went out and after that first date we've been together since. I moved in with him in november 2009 (yep very quickly) got pregnant with our DD in dec.2009. Then we got a dog, and found a different house in town. Hailey was born sept 2010 and we bought our house in may 2011 and now im pregnant again. I guess you could say it all moved pretty fast but we i wouldnt have it any other way. We will eventually make it official, our families bug us all the time but right know we are fine. We both went through bad divorces so that might be influencing why we havent tied the knot yet lol

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DH and I met in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophomore and we were in a drama class together. The class provided us a lot of time to flirt. He asked me out to the homecoming dance and we have been together ever since. That was in Oct 2001, we were 15 and 17 at the time. We got married on April 10th 2005 Biggrin

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DH and I met through his cousin. She and I were good friends and I would often spend time with her family. I met him at their family Christmas one year. I didn't really get to know him for a couple years after that. I'd see him about once or twice a year with my friends family but there was never anything to it at all. In 2000 she went off to college I went to visit her and he and I got chatting on AOL. We started talking online and on the phone a lot and finally went on date. We dated for 5 years before we got engaged. We've been married almost 7 years now.

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Tina, ours sounds a little iffy on paper too to some people.

DH had worked with my Mom on and off for years. She was a server and he was a cook at the same restaurant. I had actually "met" him a couple times over the years, but I was just a kid (like 13) so obviously there was nothing there, I was just his co-workers kid. After I graduated my Mom had just broken up with her BF and we moved in with a girl she worked with, so a lot of the time people they worked with would come over to our place for parties and game nights and that was how we re-met and became friendly. But it took a couple months for me to get him to ask me out, he is 10 years older than me and I was only 18 so he felt like a perv and also didn't want to disrespect or piss off my mom lol. Eventually she gave her blessing and here we are 7 years and almost 3 kids later. We started dating in '04 and got married in '06. And to top off the weird age difference, shortly after we started dating my mom started dating his roommate (and also a co-worker) who is the same age as DH, so me and my mom are both with guys the exact same age.

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Looooveee all these stories- High school sweethearts to "iffy on papers" are amazing!

Mines kind of "odd" too.

Kevin has a twin brother, who I worked with, and spent a lot of time with, (I had a bf) anyhoo, me and my best friend would always go to the twins house (jared) and just hang out, with him and all of his friends... It just so happened Jared lived with his twin brother and his twin brothers WIFE at the time.... I never saw Jareds brother (kevin) because he was always asleep, being responsible and working in the morning haha....
Anyhoo, fast forward, Kevin and his wife divorce, well, are DIVORCING, I hang out with Jared one night, and Kevins soon to be EX (we werent FRIENDS but obviously she was friends with Jared, who i was friends we often hung out in groups) after I hung out with them, I went to meet up with my BFF and her friend, and they said they were meeting a "kevin"...
We got to the bar (I was 20) and my BFFS friend andrew, snuck me in somehow, and there was KEVIN sitting at the table drinking a beer, he was sooo outgoing and nice and I couldnt really believe he was Jareds twin (they look alike, yet are OPPOSITE as can be) I was scared the whole time of getting caught, but I found myself drawn to KEvin.. anyways, Kevin left, and i kept thinking about him so i texted him hi (I happened to have his number from Jared always calling from it) and we just kinda chatted the rest of the night on text, and i fell asleep texting him, and woke up to him saying sorry for falling asleep texting... anyways, long story short, invited him to lunch with me and my BFF before I headed out of town (I lived in portland at the time) and also invited Jared, was weird seeing them sitting next to eachother, the same expressions and same features and habits.. Kevin paid for our meal...

Kept texting him, started hanging out, lalala....

3 months later, did the deed, ended up pregnant on the first "non-try" and all hell broke loose, a lot of people were really upset- his brother included- his ex wife was really upset bcuz she had hoped theyd work it out..... got a TON of hate mail from her/her friends/her sister...was really awkward and depressing kind of... the divorce finally became final.. and.... all else just kind of worked itself out, we moved into gether when i finished school that June, Had Brody in September, bought a house about two years ago, he finally proposed recently, and finally pregnant again!!

I really wanted to get married on our 5 year anniversary, but that looks like right when the baby should be here! so probably gonna wait til next summer- good motivation to lose the baby weight Smile

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So many highschool sweethearts!

Greg and I met in highschool and started dating in our Junior year. We did the long-distance thing through college and finally got married in 2004. March 2012 marks 16 years together and our 8th wedding anniversary is in September. He is truely my best friend and the love of my life. Smile

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We actually went to high school together. He was a supernerd and I was an athlete. He use to wear the same dorky nirvana short like 3 times per week. We both went our separate ways and re connected on what????? The rest is history!

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We were both high school teachers. We left teaching, got married, and went back for our grad degrees.

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I was 18 and going to dental asst school and working at a retirement home as a supervisor in the diningroom and also had a rocky relationship going on at the time and was also living with my ex. Well I was at my parents one day and my dad asked my mom to go to our local Kragen auto parts to get him this car jack that was on sale. So my mom and I go and they are out of stock, Do a stock check and the Hayward location has one which is 5 miles away (I'm from the Bay area, cali). Walk in, go to the back to get the jack and there he is! I tell my mom "he's cute!" She said, "Didnt you want a 2nd job, says they are hiring and you took 2 years of auto class this can be easy and you can meet 'him'!" He never looked up at me but my mom got me an app and I turned it in and had an interview a week later. DH was an asst manager. The manager interviewed me and Rafael (dh) came to interrupt it to introduce himself to me which irritated the manager! I found out he was seeing someone who worked there who was 10 years older than him. She was worried about me I found out cuz i was his :type". My first night there my shift was truck from 5-1am with him. It was the eve of my bday. Then when the shift was over we all left. I left my jacket inside and DH already turned the alarm on so he ran back in to get it. when he cameout it was just us there in the parkinglot. He has a show car and made sure I knew it was his (we still have it and show it) and we talked a good hour outside. He was the first to wish me a happy bday! He was too shy to give "me"his # but we had common friends so he gave me his # to give to this guy I knew. But threw in a "you can use it if you want". Finally he asked me out to meet him at the bowling alley (with friends) then finally about 2 weeks later we went out after work. He finally met my parents and my mom took me inside the kitchen and said "this is the guy your gonna marry!" I said,"Moom you just met him!" She said, " mark my knows best". That was 1998 and we got married 11/7/2000! My mom was always right about everything, even what our kids will be and before she died she told me we would have 3 kids and this would be a girl. Secretly hoping she is right but healthy is what I want!

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Tifffany, that is so cute the way your mom played matchmaker.

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DH worked on the Fire Dept with 3 of my brothers. He was going through a divorce and apparenly one of my brothers (the one I'm closest with) thought it would be a good idea to introduce us. DH shot him down many times, but eventually we met and sparks flew. We met in 06, married in 08 and had our first baby in 10 :O)