had ANOTHER u/s today at my ob appt

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had ANOTHER u/s today at my ob appt

Can't believe I have already had 3 ultrasounds this pregnancy! This one was just a really quick one. Just enough to see my little bean and the flicker of the hb. My appointment went really well, and I talked to my doctor about stopping the blood pressure medication. Which he said was fine.. really excited about that. Anyone else have an ultrasound this week? Or a doctors appointment?

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We've had some early complications with this pregnancy, so I usually have a couple of ultrasounds a week. So far I've already had more u/s than I had during my entire pregnancy with DS. Yikes! This week I had one on Tuesday and have another tomorrow. It's nerve wracking leading up to the appointment, worrying they're going to find something devastating, but also comforting to regularly see the hb.

That's great news on your latest ultrasound and being able to stop the bp medication! Very very exciting!

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That's great you can stop your bp meds and you got to see your little one again!

I hope your ultrasound goes well tomorrow, Andrea! We're going to have to come up with a code so we don't get mixed up when people "talk" to us. Flower Andrea doesn't really work either since I have rose as part of my name. Lol

I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I'm nervous as heck and keep googling things which doesn't help matters. I had an u/s done last week just to make sure it wasn't ectopic and it was so early that all we could see was a little blob - no fetal pole, yolk sac, or heartbeat. I'm either 6w4d or 6w2d for tomorrow's so hopefully there'll be much more to see. I don't know that I'll be even slightly relaxed until I see a heartbeat though. I don't have any major symptoms and I'm trying to enjoy that, but it sure doesn't help my nerves. I wish I could go to sleep now and wake up tomorrow and just be told what the outcome is.

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Awesome that you got another u/s and that everything looked good! I just got the one at my first appt and since we saw thew hb they wont do another until 18 wks unlesss there is a problem. And I dont want a problem but I am desperate to see the baby again!!

Hope both the Andreas have a great u/s tomorrow!

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Yes, good luck to both the andreas! Smile I will be looking for your updates Smile

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Loving seing all these ultrasound posts yay for a flickering heart , Glad to hear you can stop the bp meds too !!!

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YAY! What great news!

My appointment is next Wednesday and I'm anxiously awaiting that day to come, lol!