Had my 2nd scan!

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Had my 2nd scan!

Went in for my scan since Ive been spotting light brown off and on since Thursday. I was hearing the hb on the doppler so I was reassured about the baby but worried about what was going on in there. Things looked great! The last u/s had me dated earlier than I thought I was even tho I didnt know my lmp the date had me testing positive at 10 dpo in the afternoon with a dark test and I thought I had to be farther than that. Well the baby had gained 5 days yay! So she switched my due date from Oct 21 to Oct 16th. The baby's hb was 173 which is great. It was even moving! It had had this gigantic growth spurt from when we saw it last time and they said last time (u/s had me at 5w4d but I was more like 6w2d) the baby was so small it was hard to measure it. There was no sign of the bleeding everything looked perfect, the sac, etc. She couldnt see all of the placenta too well but said there seemed to be no bleeding there either. The tech said unexplained bleeding is common and that my risk of m/c was less than 1% now which makes me feel better. My MW was super happy with the u/s results and said not to worry about the spotting it happens and its probably from my cervix being sensitive. I am still spotting and it still freaks me but I will have to deal with it. They gave me some good pics:

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I just tried to post and it wouldn't let me... Let me try again lol. That's great news!!!!! Baby seems to be doing good!!!!

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Yay for a good scan!! Hi baby!

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That's a cute baby! I'm glad everything is okay and you get some peace of mind.

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That's fantastic news! You have a cute baby in there!!! Smile Great pic.

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YAY!! So glad you had a great appt!! Way to grow little bean!

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Great pic!

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YAY! so glad to hear!! Super cute little baby!!

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AWW! Looks like a baby in there! Love seeing people right around my EDD get their ultrasounds, because then I know kinda what my baby looks like Smile

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That is fantastic!

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Aww! Look at those tiny arms and legs! So glad everything is going great!