Had my appt and u/s! We have a hb!

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Had my appt and u/s! We have a hb!

Everything was good as far as I know at my appt today. BP was good anyway I have chronic high bp and am on meds even when not pg so that is always a concern. I am down 9 lbs since getting pg which is fine with me I will pack it back on I know. She did a pap and all that jazz, yuck. Then swabbed me for strep bc I thought I had it a few weeks ago when my kids did and I cant take the abx they make me too sick so if it is positive then she will just give me a shot. Did bloodwork and checked my thyroid levels and sent my pee to a lab. Then she told me I was already scheduled for an u/s following the appt which shocked me. With all my other kids I have had to ask for one they didnt do them routinely but their policy changed yay! The tech said she would try it abdominally which mademe nervous since I knew I wasnt that far along but the baby popped up on the screen right away, super tiny though! We were even able to see the hb pretty easily. It measured at 111 bpm averaged out. The yolk sac looked good, fetal pole was nice and visible and the sac was a good uniform size. I am a little worried as I am about a week less than I thought which my thinking was totally a guess anyway since I was on the minipill and had irregular cycles. I thought I was closer to 6w5d but the averages measurement was 5w4d (though she said it could be off by 4 days so I might be a bit farther along). So of course my worrisome brain goes straight to thinking what if something is wrong bc I tested positive 2 wks ago! I just think that is odd I tested + so early with pee held for 4 hrs and it was a good line no squinting. However my MW said I shouldnt worry lots of people test + that early anymore with the 6 days before your missed period tests and I have before when ttc but its just that I wasnt ttc I had nausea which prompted me to test. Anyway my MW said I couldn t have asked for a better u/s everything looked great the tech didnt write down one negative thing and they will if they see it, even if it turns out to be nothing. She said it was rare to see such a good hb at such an early gestation and that meant things were going well. She cant guarantee the future but she said things look wonderful as of now and the chance for m/c is lowered seeing the hb. No bleeding visible either so the spotting on Monday was nothing to worry about. I just wish I was farther along so I had less time to worry! Plus I wont get another u/s until around 18 wks and that seems like so long to wait.

Here are some pics I got:

Baby and yolk sac right around the middle left of the gest. sac

One farther out:

I found this chart on fetal hr to make me feel better too, we are above average!:

  • Week 5 starts at 80 and ends at 103 bpm
  • Week 6 starts at 103 and ends at 126 bpm
  • Week 7 starts at 126 and ends at 149 bpm
  • Week 8 starts at 149 and ends at 172 bpm

At week 9 the fetal heartbeat tends to beat within a range of 155 to 195 bpm.

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That's all great news! Congratulations!

And with the size/gestational age - I had two u/s done on the same day by two different docs. One put me a week behind what the other doc measured. If they're even half a mm off it can do that, so sounds either like human error on your doc's part, or you did get an early BFP.

Congrats again!! I'm excited for you!

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What a cutie!! Looks like a girl to me! Smile hehe..
Dates are frusterating- last time I was 10 days less far then I thought I was and I had tested when AF was late- so it turns out that AF wasnt even late at all and that I tested early..so that was odd..but maybe baby took a long time to implant or something, or implanted early or sent out HCG early..
The good newsis that the baby is in there and doing good!!! Smile YAY!

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I'm happy you had a good appointment and got an u/s! Measurements can be off so I wouldn't stress about that - they aren't perfect. I had an u/s today and I was measuring 6 wks 1 day and I know for certain I'm closer to 7 weeks. There was only one time near ovulation I could have concieved. So give or take a day or two depending on when the egg dropped and was fertilized I'm around 7 weeks. So my measurements were a bit off too and the heartbeat was 117. Sounds to me like everything is just fine! I know it's hard not to stress though!

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Thanks girls you made me feel better ya'll are great! I know the stuff you are telling me already but its good to hear it from someone else!

Andrea that makes me feel better that you measured bigger the same day on two different u/s. I was thinking the same thing that the baby was so tiny especially trying to measure it abdominally what if they were just a little off? She did do several measurements and some were bigger but the computer averaged them to 5w4d.

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Yay for a heartbeat!! Like the others have said, try not to stress. Measurements can be off. And abdominal ones can be a little less accurate this early on.

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Congrats on seeing the baby that is always exciting. I love being able to see the heartbeat. I think I got a really early positive test too, I just tested on a whim and it was a BFP. once I got my betas done it looks like I got that bfp at 3 weeks-ish.

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So exciting to see the heartbeat! If they told you everything looks wonderful, thats what I would concentrate on. My ultrasound is on monday , and it seems forever away! Anyways so happy for you!