Had my u/s yesterday

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Had my u/s yesterday

So I got called on Thu to let me know my u/s was on Mon. Wohoo! Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun I was super pumped and excited and couldn't wait. Monday morning I woke up with a feeling of total and utter dread. Then I went to the bathroom and there was a hint of brown mixed in with my cm. Panic attack. I figured I'd go to my u/s and there would be no heart beat and just an empty sac (because I'm that kind of an upbeat person). I got there, the tech was the same one I'd had during my m/c so she was very sympathetic of my situation, and did not make me wait very long to hear her say that there was a little baby in there with a little heartbeat. Biggrin Sooooooooo relieved. Baby was measuring right on track at 7 weeks, and had a heart rate of 163, and I got to see it flickering. She did it abdominally but my bladder wasn't super full, so it was a little tiny, but I could still see it, and now I can relax just a little. I can't wait until my 12 week appt next month, once I hear the hb on the doppler then I can really breathe easy.

So here is my tiny little viable bean!

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That's awesome! Congrats. I'm glad you had a nice u/s tech that didn't keep you waiting. Smile

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That is awesome Amber. I feel your pain on waiting until the next appointment. But it will be totally worth the wait when we can hear their little hearts on the doppler.

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So excited for you! It's such a relief to see the heartbeat! SmileSmile my next ultrasound is on the 27th, which puts me at 7w2d, so I'm happy to hear I should see the heaerbeat. With my son I didn't have an ultrasound until 10 weeks, so I never knew when you should expect to see the heartbeat.

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YAY Amber! I feel like I hold my breath untl that U/S and then can breathe a big sigh of relief.
Glad that at least when you had the brown CM you had the U/S the same day- and didnt have such a long wait!!
I feel like the weeks waiting for that U/S and the HB are the longest weeks ever.
Thats one good lookin lil bean! Looks like his/her brothers doesn't it? :):)

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That's awesome you got to see a sweet little jellybean w/ a flickering heart!! I can't wait for my u/s!!!

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Its so wonderful to hear that heart beating of beeping as my 5yo says.

I can't wait for mine, just a little less than 2 weeks, I so want to relax already.

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Yay!! Congrats Biggrin HH9M!!!