Had to tell DH

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Had to tell DH

I asked DH to pick up some rolls for dinner. He took it upon himself to pick up a bottle of wine too :bonkself:

And when he got home, I see it wasn't your average bottle of wine, but one of those BIG bottles. (I wonder if he had some alterior motives there!).

So when we sat down for dinner, he asked, "Would you like some wine?" To which I had to reply, "I'd love some, but I can't" He knew what that meant.

He was really cute about it and didn't understand why I didn't wake him up in the morning to tell him. At 5:30. Right.

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LOL! At least he can share in the excitement now!

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Glad you told him Biggrin Now you guys can be excited together.

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He is surprisingly excited about it. Which is a relief bc I wasn't sure he would be.

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Glad he was excited. I was really nervous to tell my dh only because we weren't really trying yet.But he seemed happy too

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Aaaaww Smile It helps so much when they are excited. I hope he didn't drink all the wine! haha

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Ha Ha! No Rachel, he didn't. But I kind of wish he did and it wasn't staring at me :OP

He did go out with a friend for a few drinks after we put the baby to bed. I didn't mind bc I was going strait to bed myself :o)

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Glad he was excited! I didn't even get to tell my df. He walked into the bathroom and saw me staring at the test with my jaw hanging lol! He grabbed the test from me, looked at it, and said "looks like you're pregnant hunny!"

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Yea, I'm so glad he's excited. Smile

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Idk how I'd tell kevin the next time.
All I know is I want to tell him ASAP instead of waiting all week again, last time I did that it ended badly so he only got to be "attached" for like 1 day. Smile

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Aww glad he is excited! I was afraid my dh would be upset or not excited since this one was a huge surprise but he is excited too. We know the drill now after 6 kids!