Hello All! Back from being AWOL

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Hello All! Back from being AWOL

So, this is kind of a cross post from the Dealing With Infertility Board, but I feel I am more mentally prepared to get back onto birth boards for a bit and thought I would go ahead and come out of hiding. By way of an update:

After 11 months of trying and no success, I underwent a laparoscopic surgery on January 6 to take a look at my insides. All my previous tests have come back glowing and I ovulate like clockwork, so I really was running out of reasons why we weren't PG yet. I have never had any signs/symptoms of endometriosis other than some really bad cramps, but my mother has it so my RE thought it would be important to rule it out. As it turns out, I have stage III endo (moderate).

I had my post operative appointment last Thursday and discussed the findings with my RE and also got a copy of my operative report. Basically, the left ovary and "cul de sac" area (I had to google that one!) were what was impacted. The left ovary had aherred to the pelvic wall and was covered in "filmy adhesions." The right side was basically clear and nothing had to be done. My RE removed it from the left side and was able to free the ovary from the wall. Post op now 2+ weeks I am basically back to normal and feeling great--though I really never had any endo symptoms either beyond infertility.

We discussed with the RE "the next steps." He actually suggested we try on our own the next 2-3 months (well, 1-2 if you count this month) because he was able to clear the area so well. Stated if we don't get the BFP by March or so we should try 2-3 IUI's with COH (but no injectibles, which will keep the cost way down.). If this fails, then we go to IVF.

I asked if he really felt this was the best plan due to everything I have read about Stage 3 endo and IUI. He said yes--he really feels that freeing up the ovary and being able to clear the endo out will significantly help us. Even if we try 3 IUI's it will only cost us around $1100 (we are OOP) so it's hard not to at least try. Of course I am impatient, want a baby now, and think IVF is probably our best shot, but I am trying to take the advice of a doctor who's only goal is getting me knocked up! So, that's where we are. I'm going to be very cautiously optimistic moving forward.

So, we're back on the trying to make a baby train, and I have some peace of mind now at least knowing *why* it's been so hard! Just wanted to say hi to all!

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Erin!! YAY!!! I've missssseddddd you!!
So glad your "back on board(s)!" Smile
And so glad you finally got some answers!
Hope we can both stop board hopping together and find ourself a home Smile

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Thanks Cait--and NO KIDDING!

Love the cutie new picture of Brody!

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Hi Erin! Long time no "see". Biggrin

I'm sorry about the diagnosis but I'm so happy that you finally have some answers and have an awesome plan in place for the future. It really sounds like you have an awesome doctor which is really important. I really hope you get a bfp w/o an iui since the surgery went so well. I'm looking forward to "hanging out" with you again and like Cait said, hopefully we can all settle down soon. Biggrin

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Glad you are back. I was following you before you left, and glad you got some answers. I hope your BFP is soon coming.

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erin- glad you finally got some answers and Im hoping you can get your BFP in the next couple of months.. I agree we all should stop board hoping im on my 7th

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I'm both happy and sad to see familiar faces--but I'm sure you all know what I mean.

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Welcome 'aboard' lol. I've seen you on the dealing with infertility board but I don't spend much time there so I haven't read much. So glad you have some answers and will keep my fingers crossed for a BFP for you in the near future!

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So glad to see you back sweetie! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis but at least you know that you're better off now no matter what it takes to get pg. Smile I'm currently in a similar situation. I've never really had any symptoms of endo but went to an RE this month and he thinks it's highly likely that I have endo and not PCOS. He's considered doing surgery but wants to get my endocrine panel and do an exam and ultrasound first. I suppose it's not too bad having the surgery. Seems like you're feeling recovered pretty quickly after huh? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and praying that that was all your body needed to be ready to carry a baby, and that your wait post-surgery will be very short and sweet. Smile Good luck sweetie!

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Thanks Leah--yeah, the surgery really wasn't bad at all. I was "out" for about...2 hours I guess. I took that Friday off and the following Monday and was back to work by Tuesday and back in the gym one week out. Really the second day was the worst because they puff you up with CO2 to look around and the gas is kind of trapped in your body and makes you really uncomfortable. Luckily, Percocet took care of that! Ha ha! Just letting you know in case you do need to have one, it really wasn't that bad and was a good excuse to just lay around and take it easy for a few days!

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Its so good to see you around again Erin! I'm glad you finally got some answers and now have a plan in place. I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers that you get a nice sticky BFP very very soon! Biggrin

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So sorry about the dx but glad you finally have answers! That's great that they were able to free the ovary and that the other was clear. I know it's so hard to wait. I freely admit I'm the world's most impatient person! But it sounds like your doc thinks you have a pretty good chance of conceiving on your own. Really hoping the surgery did the trick and you get a BFP very soon!

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Welcome backkk Erin!! I hope you get a bfp!!! Im glad you got answerss!!

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Welcome backkk Erin!! I hope you get a bfp!!! Im glad you got answerss!!

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Wow Erin! You've been through a lot since we've "talked" last. I know it's been a winding road, but I'm thrilled that you've gotten some answers and can't wait to see the good results that will surely come from them. Smile Yay! Come on, BFP!! Smile

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Welcome back, Erin! Hope to see a BFP for you soon!