hello! joining october!

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hello! joining october!

Got a bfp this afternoon! Posted my pic in the dysl board. My df and I have an 8 and a half month old son and were trying for our 2nd for a few months with no luck. Decided to take a break and try for a Jan '13 baby, so I was in shock when the 2nd line came up on the test! Not sure on the edd, because I wasnt keeping track. Can't wait to get to know everyone! And good luck to all those still waiting to test!

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congrats and welcome to the board

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Thanks! Sorry for all the spelling mistakes! Darn auto correct Smile

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Hi, congrats and welcome to the board!

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Welcome, and congrats!
We have a 9.5 year old son, and this kind of feels like a first pregnancy all over again because I've apparently forgotten how this pregnancy thing goes! Having to re-read all of the books, which I'm enjoying. Smile

How have you been feeling?

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Welcome and congrats!

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Congrats and welcome Smile :)

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Thanks everyone! I'm currently working two jobs, with a total of 70 hours a week so I don't have much time to get on here. After my morning sickness kicks in and I put in my notice at one one job I will be on here a lot more.

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Welcome and congratulations.

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats and welcome! Biggrin

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Congrats and HH9M! I have a dd close to your son's age she is 10 mos on the 13th. I have never had kids this close before!

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Congratulations Smile :) Welcome!!